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SummerSlam Should Be The Last WWE Fans See of Brock Lesnar (For A While)

WWE pulled out all the stops for Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns’ supposed last match ever at SummerSlam, and the time has come for The Beast Incarnate to step away from the squared circle for a while. The former UFC champion was a wild card that Vince McMahon pulled due to injuries to Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes. In need of a bankable wrestler to pair off with Reigns, Vince went back to seemingly the only big match he knew towards the end of his days in charge of WWE creative.


Since 2015, this is a bout that fans have seen nine times, in some capacity, and the time has come for Triple H to begin building new stars and fresh feuds. The fight at SummerSlam wasn’t a wrestling match as much as it was a spectacle. The two generational talents threw everything they had at each other; a fitting end to the rivalry that has shaped WWE’s product for the last seven years. Let’s let sleeping dogs lie, though. Or, put another way: let’s leave Brock Lesnar buried under a heap of ringside objects in Nashville for the foreseeable future.

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It’s not too difficult to figure out why WWE fans have grown tired of this feud. With McMahon out of the way now following his retirement and Triple H holding the book, there’s an opportunity for a soft reboot of sorts. SummerSlam was still a show that Vince built up to, with Hunter only taking over booking the week prior to the premium live event. It had Triple H’s fingerprints on it, to be sure, but this wasn’t his card, by and large. He decided to move Seth Rollins vs Riddle to Clash At The Castle in five weeks, but this was still mostly Vince’s vision. Now that McMahon is retired, WWE can slowly begin to build up the next wave of Reigns and Lesnar-level stars. Heck, maybe this time it can even have more than one or two bankable superstars built at a time. That seemed to work out alright during the Attitude Era.

Time Away From WWE Will Make Brock Lesnar Fresh Again

It’s not Lesnar’s fault that McMahon could never come up with something more interesting for him to do other than wrestle Roman Reigns on repeat. It’s also not on Brock that the company spent virtually no time creating other viable champions. That started to change on the July 29 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, though. Drew McIntyre is poised to take on Reigns at Clash At The Castle in early September, and he likely has a rocket strapped to his back now that Triple H is in charge.

Lesnar looked good in defeat as well. It took Reigns, the Usos, Theory, and Paul Heyman to finally put him down for a 10 count, so when (if?) he returns, he’ll still look strong. And, if WWE has played its hand right, he’ll be able to fight someone that he hasn’t already worked with nine times. With McMahon out of the company, Lesnar’s future is a bit unclear, but if there are plans to use him again in the future, it ought to be well down the line with a new main-event level attraction.

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