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If Logan Paul Didn’t Earn Your Respect At SummerSlam Then He Never Will

Logan Paul has only been involved in two wrestling matches for WWE. Both of them have over-delivered, and he deserves respect for his risk-taking.

Logan Paul has been in just two WWE wrestling matches, and if he hasn’t earned the respect of fans as a performer by now, then he probably never will. The famous YouTuber made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38 and was somewhat protected due to the nature of tag-team wrestling. This is typically how the company utilizes non-wrestlers in matches. Let the actual workers put in the majority of the time while allowing the famous folks some high spots.


That was the case at ‘Mania, where Paul was tag teaming with one of WWE’s most steady hands in The Miz. The end of that bout, where the A-Lister hit Paul with a Skull-Crushing Finale, set up this fight at SummerSlam, though, and this time, there was no way to protect Logan. It was a sink-or-swim singles match without any stipulations to hide behind. There were really only two outcomes for Paul vs. Miz at SummerSlam: go down as a flopped experiment that more than 40,000 people in attendance witnessed live, or overdeliver and put on an entertaining match. Paul and The Miz did the latter.

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It was never going to be a five-star classic. That’s not The Miz’s wheelhouse and it’s not what WWE hired Logan Paul to do. Logan Paul was hired to be entertaining, and his bouts at both WrestleMania and SummerSlam were just that. If audiences weren’t (sports) entertained by his match against The Miz, and if he didn’t earn respect by successfully pulling off several dangerous high spots, then odds are good that he never will.

His gutsy frog splash from the corner turnbuckle to the announce desk was a highlight of SummerSlambar none. That’s the moment that people will remember from this bout, but there were numerous other tricky maneuvers that Paul pulled off almost flawlessly. Paul’s moonsault from the ring apron to the outside was beautifully delivered, his blockbuster from the middle turnbuckle looked great and no one should be pulling off standing moonsaults in their second matches. Yet that’s what Paul delivered.

Perhaps most importantly is that most of his offense didn’t look like garbage. He laid into Miz with his clotheslines and didn’t shy away from impact himself. Put another way: he didn’t make a mockery of professional wrestling. Fans will always remember that Paul is an outsider who came from a different world, but the reach and eyeballs he brings with him can’t be ignored. Thankfully for WWE, the eight million-plus people who’ve watched Paul’s SummerSlam highlight reel on Twitter (so far) haven’t seen trash matches put on by someone who’s only there to cash a check. Logan Paul has taken to wrestling like a teenager takes to one of his new videos on YouTube, and he deserves respect for that.

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