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Naomi & Sasha Banks Will Return to WWE, Says Star

WWE fans haven’t seen Sasha Banks and Naomi inside a wrestling ring since May when they walked out on Raw. A former star thinks they’ll return.

The ongoing will they return, won’t they return saga with Sasha Banks and Naomi has continued deep into the summer, but a former WWE superstar believes the duo will return in time. Things have changed pretty dramatically since they were last seen with the company. Vince McMahon has retired, and Triple H, who is a huge proponent of women’s wrestling, has taken over as head of talent relations and is in charge of booking.

That’s noteworthy since Banks and Naomi originally walked out on the May 16 edition of Monday Night Raw due to issues with the creative for that show. They were Raw women’s tag-team champions at that juncture but had both been scheduled to lose singles matches in the coming weeks. The duo apparently felt that this approach cut the legs out from under the women’s tag-team division, so they left. WWE announced a tournament for the vacated titles on the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown—after burying Banks and Naomi on commentary—but as of this writing, that hasn’t transpired.


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There’s still no concrete news on Banks and Naomi’s standing with the company, but former WWE superstar Saraya, FKA Paige, believes that they’ll return now that Triple H has the book. Speaking during a media scrum during this past weekend’s Starcast V, she had this to say: “I mean, everyone loves Sasha Banks, right? The four horsewomen in general is such a big and critical part of the women’s revolutions. So, I think she’ll be back. I think now with [Triple H] in charge, and kind of taking the reigns and everything.” (h/t to for the video)

WWE Reportedly Wants Sasha Banks & Naomi Back

Saraya and WWE parted ways in early July, but she’d been with the company since 2017. Working under the name of Paige, she was one of the most popular female wrestlers at the time, getting over as the anti-diva at a time when women’s wrestling still wasn’t being given a fair shake by Vince McMahon. She wasn’t one of the four horsewomen who eventually changed that, but she was absolutely a precursor to what Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch went on to accomplish.

Neither Banks nor Naomi has made a public statement about their standing with WWE, and the company hasn’t spoken about them on air since burying them on SmackDown. Last week, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE wanted to attempt to smooth things over with the duo, and that seems like a very real possibility now that Triple H is running the show. Both are still listed as wrestlers on the company’s website, and the lack of public airing of dirty laundry might make the return as simple as burying the hatchet and booking them in an angle. Given Hunter’s flair for the dramatic, it probably won’t play out that simple on WWE television.

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