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1 Huge Sign Seth Rollins Is In WWE’s Clash At The Castle Main Event

Seth Rollins has been on the run of a lifetime for quite a while now. There’s one reason that WWE could involve him at Clash At The Castle.

Seth Rollins has been one of WWE Monday Night Raw’s most consistent performers, and he seems poised to get involved in the Clash At The Castle main event match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. In kayfabe, Rollins has injured two of the brand’s top faces, and fans won’t be seeing them on television for a while. This gives him the credibility needed to at least step up to Reigns, challenging as that may be because he’s been booked as a Godzilla amongst mear mortals.


During the August 1 episode of Raw, The Architect started to cut a promo about Reigns before the Street Profits interrupted. This led to a banger of a match between Montez Ford and Rollins, but fans never got to hear what Seth actually had to say about his former stablemate. Given the history between Rollins and Reigns and that they’ve been largely kept away from each other for a while, there’s some legit intrigue here.

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It’s a tiny seed that will likely grow over the next few weeks as WWE builds to Clash At The Castle in September. Fans already know that McIntyre will face Reigns on that show, but Triple H could set his former protege up to be a part of that fight. There’s no other reason that Rollins would get that line in on Raw otherwise, and it could be a bit of a tip of the hand when it comes to the finish at the premium live event. Corey Graves was sure to draw attention to the fact that Rollins couldn’t complete his thought too, which indicates that something is going on there.

WWE wanting to get Rollins involved at Clash At The Castle would make a lot of sense. The company likely wants to send the more than 60,000 people who’ve bought tickets to the live event home happy. To do that, it needs to figure out a way to move the titles to Drew McIntyre without making Roman Reigns look weak. Wrestling Gods forbid Roman Reigns ever look weak.

By inserting Rollins into this feud, audiences could see a triple-threat match at Clash At The Castle. If Triple H wants to give Riddle a rub, perhaps it could evolve into a fatal-four way. Regardless, Seth would be involved in this feud to take the fall, protecting Reigns while also putting McIntyre over in front of a massive audience. It’s a moment he deserves after carrying the championship during the empty arena era that the pandemic forced. It would also give WWE fans a break from the seemingly endless Roman Reigns championship run.

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