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This 1 Big Triple H Shift Changes The Game For WWE

Vince McMahon tried controlling as much of what happened on WWE TV as possible. A recent report suggests Triple H is taking a different approach.

The changes Triple H has made since taking over WWE‘s creative process have been somewhat subtle, but this new reported shift changes the game entirely for the wrestlers. Vince McMahon ruled Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown with an iron fist. He liked his shows to be heavily scripted, regarding the in-ring action and promos. He controlled almost everything the performers said and did, down to what Michael Cole said on commentary.

It’s a big reason why certain wrestlers refused to sign with the company and what made AEW such an attractive alternative. Certain wrestlers aren’t excellent on the mic and can use some guidance; for others, it’s their meat and potatoes. MJF, for instance, would have been a different character had McMahon regulated what he said on the stick. It’s a big reason why certain wrestlers refused to sign with the company and what made AEW such an attractive alternative.


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However, a recent report indicates that Triple H has been much less restrictive and controlling for WWE wrestlers. Mike Johnson of wrote the following about the creative shift: “One major change that has happened over the last several weeks in WWE is the loosening up of freedom for the talents when they speak on the mic, allowing them to improvise more. We are told that a big part of what made the Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre match so great on Smackdown last week is at least a sizeable portion of the match was called in the ring vs. every single spot laid out to them ahead of times.” (sic)

The McIntyre and Sheamus match is a stellar example of what can happen when two high-end performers are allowed to just go to work. These two have recently fought roughly a million times on television, and none of the matches have been particularly memorable. McMahon used the same few predictable finishes over and over to keep this feud going, making the bouts tired and stale. It sounds like Drew and Sheamus were let off the leash on SmackDown, and the difference was immediately noticeable.

Fans may have found themselves texting their friends, asking if what they saw was real. An exciting match between Sheamus and McIntyre that actually pulled at the heartstrings a bit? How could that be? PWInsider’s report helps explain what happened, and the result was a memorable fight. The commentary team was also stellar throughout the Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match. Under McMahon, it would have likely been a slog between a few forgettable high spots. With Triple H at the helm, Cole and Pat McAfee weaved a story between the bumps that made the audience want to go along for the ride. It resulted in a match that over-delivered and set McIntyre up to look strong, heading into his main event match against Roman Reigns at WWE Clash At The Castle.

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