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WWE Superstars Are Worried About Losing Their Spot Under Triple H

Triple H has already begun pushes for a handful of his favorite wrestlers. Some backstage is reportedly worried about losing their spot in WWE.

Life under Vince McMahon was good for a small handful of WWE wrestlers, but now that Triple H is booking, some are worried about losing their spot on the card. That’s a natural feeling to have, to be sure. Anytime a new boss takes over any company or establishment, there’s a renewed feeling of having to prove oneself all over again. That’s the case at Pizza Hut and Olive Garden, and it’s the case in WWE. What one did under old management only matters so much.


McMahon had a few clear favorites but tended to sour on his shiny new toys too quickly. This mindset resulted in stop-and-start pushes for numerous superstars.  But for performers such as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and, most recently, Theory, there was nothing to worry about if Vince liked your look. Triple H has a different eye for talent and seems to place more emphasis on in-ring ability. He still believes that stories are what make matches, but he also has other preferences compared to Vince.

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In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave an update on how things have been backstage in WWE since Triple H replaced the retiring McMahon as head of creative. “… we’re told that it’s a positive and fresh vibe, but some talent is nervous whether they will keep or lose their position… [Triple H] was described as coming across caring about talent. Others noted a wait-and-see attitude and there is also some paranoia among some described to us from those who are not sure if their spots will be as good under the new regime.

Triple H wasted no time finding spots to push a handful of his favorites from his days as NXT booker. Ciampa might have seen the most significant spike in his stock. He went from being The Miz’s lackey to a contender for the United States title in just one night. Dakota Kai returned to the company at SummerSlam while IYO SKY was inserted into a major program on the main roster.

All three wrestlers are performers Triple H worked closely with in NXT, so it’s not surprising that they immediately received monster pushes. It’s also not surprising to hear that a handful of wrestlers are weary about the regime change. Theory, for instance, has looked weak since McMahon retired. He may or may not be one of the performers sweating their spot on the card, but it’s clear that there are already winners and losers as WWE transitions from Vince McMahon’s vision to Triple H’s.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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