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AEW Star Wonders Why Bryan Danielson Isn’t With Blackpool Combat Club

Bryan Danielson was beaten by Daniel Garcia on July 27 and hasn’t been on TV since. The JAS member took to Twitter to taunt the Blackpool Combat Club.

The Blackpool Combat Club is arguably AEW‘s top faction at the moment, but BCC member Bryan Danielson hasn’t been seen on television much over the last several months. He returned to action to take on Daniel Garcia on the July 27 episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite, where he took a shocking loss to the Jericho Appreciation Society member. Jon Moxley took to social media to shoot on the entirety of the All Elite Wrestling roster over the weekend, which led to a sarcastic response from Garcia.


That fight against Garcia was the first time The American Dragon had wrestled since Double Or Nothing on May 29. Danielson seemed to have sustained a concussion during the Anarchy In The Arena match, which kept him on the shelf through the Forbidden Door and Death Before Dishonor pay-per-views. Last week was supposed to be his triumphant return, but Garcia and JAS had other ideas. Jake Hager interfered in the bout, allowing Daniel to defeat Bryan.

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Garcia decided to poke the bear by responding to Moxley’s impassioned promo. From his @GarciaWrestling handle on Twitter, he asked, “Why didn’t he talk about Bryan? Why isn’t he in this video? What happened to Bryan?” seemingly mocking how fans responded to AEW’s official Tweet.

Garcia’s win over Bryan wasn’t clean, but getting the victory over one of the biggest stars in AEW is a giant feather he has in his cap now. Before his bout against Danielson, Garcia hadn’t been in a singles match on Dynamite since June 1, when Jon Moxley submitted him. During his last run in WWE, Danielson had taken to trying to create big stars for the company by taking tough losses from young up-and-comers. The feud between Blackpool Combat Club and Jericho Appreciation Society is well past its expiration date, with both Anarchy In The Arena and Blood & Guts standing as matches that should have served as the blow-off. Despite that, at least AEW is using the time to build fresh faces for the main event scene.

Garcia and Wheeler Yuta have been beneficiaries of running with big names such as Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Danielson, and over time, these wins will begin to matter. Garcia is 23 and has less than 150 professional matches to his credit. He’s taking every opportunity to improve, though, working in PWG, DEFY, and NJPW when not appearing on AEW television. It’s unclear at this juncture when Bryan Danielson will be back on television. He was only on Dynamite for one week, and the announce team hasn’t exactly sold it like Garcia is responsible for his disappearance. Hopefully, that’s something AEW can dial in soon, lest these matches not mean much long-term.

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