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WWE Has 1 Shot At Making Karrion Kross A Legit Main Eventer

Triple H bringing Karrion Kross back into WWE’s fold a second time was a big move, but if he books him as Vince McMahon did, it won’t matter.

Fool wrestling fans once, shame on them, fool wrestling fans twice, shame on the booker; there will be no fool me thrice for WWE and Karrion Kross. The company already badly ruined his debut once while Vince McMahon had the book. Triple H taking over creative control has gained WWE more goodwill from fans than it’s probably had since the Attitude Era. Still, if Hunter simply repeats the booking sins of his father (in-law), then that benefit of the doubt will vaporize just as quickly as it came.


Triple H is in a once-in-a-lifetime spot where the entire WWE Universe knows that a tectonic shift has occurred behind the scenes. Onlookers knew that Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown were shows produced to entertain only one man and one man in Vince McMahon. He rarely cared who fans liked and didn’t like and seemed to carry legitimate disdain for wrestlers who managed to get themselves over with things he didn’t come up with. Fair or not, that’s been his perception in the IWC for years. It’s a bit reductive, but Kross represents Triple H’s vision for this product moving forward. And The King Of Kings can’t afford to miss on Karrion Kross for a second time.

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The sign that would send fans would be truly awful. Right now, there’s an air of hope surrounding WWE, both backstage and in the stands. Kross is positioned to participate in the main event of the Clash At The Castle premium live event, which is an excellent thing to see. Suppose Triple H only re-signed him to eat a pin from Roman Reigns while protecting Drew McIntyre in front of his hometown. In that case, it’d be remarkably disheartening for fans hoping to see fewer redundant outcomes. McMahon has been feeding superstars to Roman Reigns for more than half a decade. There isn’t a single former Universal Champion left that he hasn’t beaten.

That’s why getting Kross’ second main roster run right is so important. He doesn’t need to be holding the WWE Championship by next month, but he also can’t be made to look like an also-ran in a main event match with The Tribal Cheif. The re-debut of Kross was perfect on a lot of levels. He’s a former NXT Champion who didn’t lose until he was brought up to the main roster and saddled with a ridiculous gimmick. But he still has the credibility, presentation, and size needed to stand toe-to-toe with the tiny group of stars Vince McMahon bothered to build.

Karrion Kross can be a breath of fresh air to the main event scene. Imagine the Raw after Clash At The Castle opening with McIntyre celebrating his title victory win over Reigns, only to be interrupted by Karrion and Scarlett Bordeaux. Fans haven’t seen that before, and it’d be a sign that Triple H truly wants to take WWE in a new direction. Reigns can hang onto the Universal Championship and continue to wrestle once every three months. If The Game wants to prove to WWE audiences that things have changed, he has an opportunity to do so with Kross.

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