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John Cena Shares Heartwarming Advice The Rock Gave About Going Hollywood

Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena are two of the world’s biggest movie stars, but the former paved the way for Cena to go Hollywood.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena are two of the biggest attractions in WWE history, and both are also major movie stars at this stage of their respective careers. The former hasn’t wrestled at WrestleMania 32, where he squashed Erick Rowan in record time. Cena tries to make time to return to the squared circle but said during his 20th-anniversary celebration that he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to return. The odds are good fans won’t ever see them on the same wrestling card again, but the two are almost always in the headlines for their exploits in Hollywood.


It was The Rock who paved the way for Cena to be able to do what he’s doing with his movie career. The Man Who Can’t Be Seen would be the first to say that. It’s something that John used to rip Dwayne for during their epic on-mic encounters in WWE, but he has since grown to appreciate the paved way from pro wrestling to prime time. That’s something John Cena is still grateful for to this day.

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The Face That Runs The Place said as much while doing a Q&A Session At Comic-Con Whales. When asked whether The Great One had ever given him any advice before getting into movies, he had this to say: “I was able to ask him, ‘Hey man, do you have any advice?’ He said, ‘They asked you there for a reason dude; just be yourself.’ He, in that one sentence, allowed me to calm down. Allowed me to be myself, which I’m really a goofball. And [the movie Train Wreck] allowed me to do that on screen. Naked. He’s the reason I’m here.” (h/t to for the transcription)

The Rock And John Cena Are Once In A Lifetime WWE Stars

The relationship between Cena and Johnson is extensive and interesting, perhaps worthy of a Hollywood film someday. Both are the last of a dying breed in professional wrestling: Cena and The Rock are names that, when advertised ahead of time, will actually sell tickets and get eyeballs on the screen that wouldn’t usually be there. Put another way: there aren’t a lot of draws left in WWE, but both Cena and The Rock are real needle movers. Roman Reigns may claim to be, but the numbers don’t lie.

Cena comes across as his usual humble self during this interview, and it’s clear why he’s always been WWE’s go-to ambassador. WWE fans jeered Cena for a long while, not without good reason, but now he’s given a hero’s welcome whenever he pops up. Ditto for The Rock, who has generated some of the loudest pops in wrestling history. The business couldn’t ask for better people to represent it to the mainstream media, and neither The Rock nor Cena have forgotten their roots in WWE.

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