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WWE Reminding Fans How Vicious Kevin Owens Is (& That’s A Good Thing)

Kevin Owens was mostly been used as a comedy act by Vince McMahon. With Triple H booking, WWE fans will be reminded of just how vicious KO can be.

With just one powerbomb, Kevin Owens ended one of WWE‘s most needlessly lengthy feuds while also reminding fans how vicious he’s capable of being in the ring. The former Universal Champion is one of the most flexible professional wrestlers in the business. He’s Teflon in an industry chock-full of one-note characters and physically gifted performers with little personality to speak of. When Vince McMahon was booking Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, he knew that he could put KO into just about any angle, and the veteran would make it work. Owens’ versatility worked against him in Vince’s WWE, but now that Triple H is in charge, that’s about to change.


That became immediately clear on the August 8 episode of Raw. After not appearing on television for several weeks, The Prize Fighter wasted no time in attacking longtime rival Ezekiel, battering him and taking things to the outside. There, Kevin Owens delivered several high-impact spots before powerbombing his opponent onto the ring apron. It’s a move that he popularized during his heel run in NXT, and the move has been largely protected throughout his time on the main roster. It’d been a while since fans had seen the powerbomb like this, and Ezekiel was stretchered away from the ring due to the impact. It was as if Triple H was reaching through the audience’s television screens to tell them that the Kevin Owens of old was back. And that’s great news for the WWE Universe.

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Monday Night Raw is short on main-event caliber heels. The business as a whole is short on actual villains who can explain why they’re doing what they’re doing with any eloquence. All too often, the motivations expressed are the bare minimum; the lowest hanging fruit. For example, fans have seen this issue with Judgment Day. It took weeks for WWE to clarify why they were doing what they were, and the group still hasn’t found its footing. With Owens, that won’t ever be a problem. He’s an electric promo and an outstanding on-screen villain.

Kevin Owens Gives WWE Feud Flexibility

For a reason, Seth Rollins is the red brand’s top bad guy. He’s in the midst of a lifetime roll, and on Monday nights, he’s been the closed thing to a heat drawing heel. Fans may or may not see Owens placed in a prominent main-event level feud, but seeing Triple H move him away from his comedy act is an encouraging sign.

With Owens’ transformation, Raw can now roll him out in entertaining mid-card feuds. Under McMahon, that usually meant comedy and variety. There’s room for that in WWE, but KO is a fantastic professional wrestler and is capable of putting on bangers no matter who he’s in the ring with. Getting this version of him back and on TV is another step in the right direction for Triple H’s WWE.

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