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Massive Update On Cody Rhodes’ Injury Rehab

Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle while preparing for his match against Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell. An update on The American Nightmare.

While training for his match against Seth Rollins at WWE Hell In A Cell, Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle, and the injury required surgery. The American Nightmare has been mostly quiet about his recovery, and neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H has decided to use him on TV while he recovers. At least not yet. A recent report updated Rhodes’ recovery, and the news is good.

The landscape of WWE has shifted dramatically since Cody Rhodes last wrestled. Hell In A Cell took place on June 5, and his fight against Rollins was career-defining. His guts were tremendous, and he proved to the WWE Universe that he was willing to push through an unfathomable amount of pain to put on a show. It’s not like the bout was some walk in the park, where Rollins could protect Rhodes and pin him after 10 minutes. Hell In A Cell is as grueling a stipulation as there is this side of AEW (where coffin matches open free TV shows and dumpster matches get less than 10 minutes), and the two wrestlers put on a great match that night.


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Rhodes has been gone from WWE since then, however, last appearing in a vignette during Money In The Bank. In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave a quick update on Cody and how his rehab has been going: “Thus far there have been no complications in the rehab of Cody on his torn pec.” That’s short but sweet news for fans of the former AEW executive, as he was treated like a megastar upon returning at WrestleMania 38.

What Will Cody Rhodes’ Future Be Under Triple H’s Watch?

It’ll be interesting to see how Triple H. Vince McMahon books Rhodes seemed to view him as a future main event level player, possibly even someone who could eventually dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 or WrestleMania 40. Recent reports indicate that the hope is still to have The Rock involved at WrestleMania 39, which would make sense in terms of drawing power. However, Rhodes could be looking very strong or more like a mid-carder by the time those events roll around.

There’s been plenty of animosity between The Game and The American Nightmare over the last few years. Triple H has called AEW a “pissant company” while shooting on The Elite by making fun of their executive vice president titles. Rhodes was one of those EVPs. Cody also destroyed a throne with a sledgehammer before his match at the inaugural Double Or Nothing show, a not-so-subtle nod to Triple H’s King of Kings moniker while using his favorite foreign object. This is all speculation, as it’s unknown where these two stand regarding their relationship now that Rhodes is back in WWE.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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