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Roman Reigns Called Out By Former Champion After “Questionable Finish”

It’s been quite some time since Finn Balor was anywhere near WWE’s main event scene. That could be changing now that Triple H is booking the shows.

Roman Reigns has been running roughshod over WWE for the last several years, but if Finn Balor has his way, he’ll at least get a chance to end that historic run. The inaugural Universal Champion hadn’t sniffed the main event scene in almost a year with Vince McMahon in charge of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. That could change now that Triple H is in charge, given how The Demon was handled during his NXT runs.

If Reigns is the Head Of The Table on the main roster, Balor was the same for the gold and black version of NXT. Triple H had the Bray, Ireland native carry the brand on his back for years, and he was involved in some of 1.0’s most essential feuds. In a rare case of WWE getting a main roster call-up right, Balor was drafted fifth overall to the Raw brand on July 19, 2016, and immediately thrust into the main event scene. He beat Seth Rollins to become the first-ever Universal Champion but unfortunately separated his shoulder during a buckle bomb spot in the match. It seemed like Vince labeled him as injury-prone because Balor has been exclusively involved in feuds over the Intercontinental and United States Championships. Balor returned to challenge Reigns for the WWE Championship but came up short at Extreme Rules. He even returned to NXT for a two-year run starting in 2019.


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The 41-year-old has his sights set on bigger things now, though. Speaking to WWE El Brunch, Balor called out Reigns, stating that they had some unresolved issues. “Me and Roman Reigns have a lot of unfinished business. There was a little bit of a ‘questionable finish’ to our last match at Extreme Rules when the top rope mysteriously broke in our championship match, so I feel there’s a rematch due with myself and Roman. Hopefully, we’ll get to that soon after Clash at the Castle.” (h/t and a thank you to for the transcription)

Could Finn Balor Actually Challenge Roman Reigns?

Under McMahon’s watch, wrestlers were discouraged from hyping up matches they might not actually be involved in. Triple H may or may not have that same philosophy, but it’s intriguing to hear Balor talk about fighting Reigns after Clash At The Castle. Both men are involved in feuds that could end that night, with the Balor-led Judgement Day stable taking on the Mysterios. Meanwhile, Reigns will square off with Drew McIntyre in the main event of the evening.

A rematch against Reigns would indicate Finn Balor’s increased standing in the company under Triple H. He’s spoken about wanting more creative control over his Demon persona and would likely receive that from The Game. As it stands now, it seems unlikely that Balor would win a match against Roman Reigns, but times are changing rapidly in WWE.

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