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AJ Styles’ Shocking Confession About Iconic Entrance Music

AJ Styles has 1 of the best entrance songs in modern WWE, and it’s an essential aspect of his presentation. Turns out it wasn’t even meant to be his.

One of the first things that WWE fans think of when it comes to AJ Styles is his iconic entrance music, but in a shocking revelation, he recently revealed that the trademark tune wasn’t even supposed to be for his in the first place. Imagining The Phenomenal One walking out to the ring while something else plays is tough to do. Visualizing who the song was actually written for strutting down the aisle while the music played is even more challenging.


Styles’ debut is among the best of WWE’s modern era. It was kept under lock and key ahead of the 2016 Royal Rumble, where the WWE Championship was on the line. Roman Reigns and Rusev entered the titular bout at No. 1 and No. 2, and virtually no one saw Styles coming as the No. 3 entrant. AJ’s entrances make him unique, and the track quickly caught on with WWE fans. The song made headlines when it was released on iTunes a week later and promptly climbed the charts.

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In a shocking twist befitting of one of WWE’s top wrestlers, Styles recently revealed that “Phenomenal” wasn’t even supposed to be his. From Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes: “It wasn’t made for me,” Styles confessed. “It was made [for] James Storm when he was in NXT… maybe he came out to it once, I’m not sure. But it was made for him. And then I kind of explained what I’d like to hear. And it was that song they presented, and I go ‘yep, that’s the one. That’s the one I’m going out to; it’s cool.’ They didn’t know it, but they made it for me.

AJ Styles Getting This Song Is A Happy Accident For WWE

During his time in WWE, Styles has worked all over the card and touched with just about every one of the company’s biggest stars. He gave Brock Lesnar one of his best matches ever at Survivor Series in 2017, and Styles vs. John Cena tore the house down at SummerSlam 2016. He’s been stuck in a bit of a rut lately due to Vince McMahon only pushing a small handful of guys, but with Triple H running Raw, that could change soon.

It appears that Dexter Lumis was brought back to feud with Styles. AJ has a shot at the United States Championship on the August 15 episode of Raw, but with Lumis staring him down at the end of last week’s show, it seems likely that some tomfoolery is afoot. Regardless of where WWE takes Styles creatively, he’ll always have one of the top songs and entrances in the business… even if they weren’t initially created with him in mind.

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