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WWE Is Letting Ronda Rousey Be Baddest Woman On The Planet (& It Rules)

For a long time, WWE has seemed to be at a loss with what to do with Ronda Rousey. That is no longer the case with Triple H in charge of SmackDown.

Ronda Rousey has been reborn on WWE SmackDown over the last several weeks, leaning into a heel persona in which she seems remarkably comfortable. She’s spent time working heel before, sure, but since SummerSlam, there’s an air of believability to Rousey’s act that hasn’t been there in the past. Under Vince McMahon, it always felt like there was needless pressure to keep The Baddest Woman On The Planet as a face.

Maybe it’s as simple as working closely with Triple H since The Biggest Party Of The Summer. There have also been reports that the vibe backstage on Raw and SmackDown has changed now that McMahon is out of the picture. Whatever the base cause is, the result has been a legit badass version of Rousey, the likes of which no women’s division in professional wrestling can match. She should carry the same aura as Brock Lesnar. A legitimate UFC Champion and a human being that used to make a living punching other human beings in the face while locked inside a steel cage. McMahon always seemed afraid to lean into Rousey the way he embraced Lesnar, though.


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That isn’t going to be an issue with Triple H, who loves women’s wrestling and is at least partially responsible for the women’s revolution that was born in his NXT 1.0. The women’s roster on Monday and Friday nights is unmatched at this point, and there are no free agents available who could tip the scales for either AEW or Impact here. A dialed-in Rousey gives WWE yet another bankable superstar who can work at the top of cards, and that’s an excellent thing for fans and supporters of women’s wrestling in general.

Tweener Ronda Rousey Is Found Money For WWE SmackDown

Rousey crashed the contract signing between Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler on the August 12 episode of SmackDown, and it might be the coolest segment she’s been a part of in recent memory. She’d been fined and suspended for attacking WWE officials following her controversial match against Morgan at SummerSlam. Usually, fines are just a line the commentary team says in passing, but fans got to see her pay up on Friday night.

The Arm Collector hopped the barricade and grabbed a mic before saying she knows she isn’t supposed to be there. She unzipped the duffel bag she was carrying before dumping stacks of $100 bills onto the table that held the contract for Baszler vs. Morgan. The crowd began to chant her name as she spoke, stating that she had doubled her own fine to cover the cost the next time she decides to snap on a WWE official. She received one of the best positive reactions she’s received over the last few years during this promo. After the fact, she took to Instagram to implore WWE to use that fine payout wisely, suggesting that the company use it to rehire some former talent, so she has more a**es to kick. This isn’t how audiences were expected to react following SummerSlam, but fans have turned on Liv Morgan entirely. They have a new favorite: A committed, chilly anti-hero in Ronda Rousey. It’s a role she plays all too well, and if WWE is wise, it’ll lean into this with all the might of a Rousey arm bar.

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