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Kevin Owens Dunks On Theory Via Twitter

Kevin Owens is one of WWE’s most entertaining wrestlers, whether it be on the mic, in the ring or on Twitter. He recently shared a funny Theory story.

Kevin Owens has always been great at leveraging Twitter to gain attention for WWE, and a recent tweet about Theory is an excellent example of why. He’s a genuinely funny human being, as evidenced by his programs with the likes of Chris Jericho and, more recently, Ezekiel. A more vicious side balances out this trait that Monday Night Raw fans have seen over the last two weeks. It seems like the in-ring games are over for Owens, but there’s still room for some laughs here and there.


On the August 8 episode of Raw, Owens powerbombed Ezekiel onto the ring apron. Elias’ younger brother was stretchered out of the arena, and this was essentially the re-debut of KO’s Prizefighter gimmick. WWE and Owens doubled down significantly on that on August 15, when he had a heated exchange and subsequent match with No. 1 contender Drew McIntyre. Theory is stuck in no man’s land, even though he has the Money In The Bank Briefcase. He got a win over Dolph Ziggler in the final match of Raw this week, so perhaps Triple H has finally figured out which way to steer that storyline.

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From his @FightOwensFight Twitter handle, KO shared the following anecdote: “I just saw Theory ask Omos to open his water bottle because he couldn’t get it open himself. ‘It’s early in the morning, ok?!’ – Theory, 08/16/22. He also just got booted from the seat he was in because he was sitting in the wrong one. Great morning so far!

Could Kevin Owens vs. Theory Be In The Cards?

Owens and Theory aren’t feuding right now, but seeing these two men square off somewhere down the line wouldn’t be surprising. The Prizefighter is being teased as a possible first opponent for the winner of McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns at Clash At The Castle, but that storyline could go any number of ways.

Theory was a pet project of Vince McMahon, and now that he’s gone, it’s been unclear what WWE intends to do with the prodigy. McMahon saw a future John Cena in the 25-year-old native of Atlanta. He’s already strong on the mic and seems to improve weekly when he’s in the ring. His future is bright, but WWE might be headed in another direction for the time being.

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