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Owens vs. McIntyre Is The Perfect Image Of Triple H’s WWE Vision

Relapsed WWE fans who wonder what Monday Night Raw looks like with Triple H running things need to watch back the recent Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre segment to quench their curiosity. It was a half-hour plus of wrestling television that made friends text each other questions like, “hey, are you watching this?” or “is this an NXT: TakeOver main event from 2017?” This was a pay-per-view caliber bout between two former NXT Champions, showcasing everything that will make Triple H’s WWE differ from Vince McMahon’s. The mic work was natural, free-flowing, and superb, while the match that followed was a four-star banger put on for free on Raw.


This segment would have been stellar even without the match. Before returning to WWE, McIntyre became known for his incendiary mic work while working with Evolve and TNA, among others. He was allowed to reference this history during his promo war with Owens, stating that he knew exactly who he was after getting fired and eventually climbing WWE’s ladder again. For KO, this was a return to form. A brandishing of The Prizefighter gimmick that propelled him to the top of both NXT and WWE’s main event scenes. It felt like they were both trying to get the better of one another on the stick, with both men using formally forbidden words such as “wrestler” to get their points across. The Usos could have jumped McIntyre then and there, leaving him to lay while Kevin Owens bailed. Instead, this war of words led to a phenomenal match between two men likely in line for significant pushes under Triple H.

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It was a bout that could have main evented any premium live event that wasn’t one of the big four. The fight was pieced together with care. Every near fall brought fans closer to the edges of their seat. When Kevin Owens kicked out of a White Noise from the top rope, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be some 50/50 booked, 12-minute match. It was a battle between two men who have had to scrape and claw for every opportunity they’ve had on the main roster under McMahon. During his promo, Owens noted that it’d been five years since he held a title in WWE, while McIntyre was never allowed to soar to the same heights as Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar even though he shows up to work every day.

Both Kevin Owens & Drew McIntyre Looked Like Stars On WWE Raw

WWE is now a brave new world for performers like Owens and McIntyre, who primarily grew to prominence on the indie scene thanks to their speaking ability. Last week, reports surfaced that indicated Triple H would be allowing talent to be less scripted during promos, and that was shown through in a major way on the August 15 episode of Raw.

Not only was the segment fantastic, but it also planted seeds for feuds following Clash At The Castle. When The Usos cost Owens the match due to interference, he told them to inform the Tribal Chief that he owes him one. The promo, battle, and aftermath immediately propelled KO into a main event scene that desperately needed a shake-up. Both Owens and McIntyre came out of this bit looking like a million bucks, showing that Triple H’s attention to detail will make a Vince McMahon-less WWE thrive when it comes to storytelling.

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