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How Does Braun Strowman Fit In With Triple H’s WWE?

Recent reports indicate that Braun Strowman has re-signed with WWE. What will The Monster Among Men look like in a Triple H-led WWE?

It sounds like Braun Strowman is heading back to WWE, which likely has fans wondering how he’ll fit in with the promotion now that Vince McMahon is no longer in the picture. At one point, the Monster Among Men was presented on a level similar to the likes of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley. A true giant, even in the Land Of The Giants, the 6’8″, 340-plus pound former bodybuilder is capable of doing things in the ring that few wrestlers can match.


That’s why his release back in June of 2021 was so shocking. Strowman had the makings of a WWE lifer, given the flexibility of his character work. He’s been presented as a lethal threat to champions and has fantastic comedic timing; McMahon probably ended up leaning on the latter portion of Strowman’s skillset a bit too much towards the end of his time with the company. This led to him feeling watered down in a way that Lesnar or Roman Reigns never really had to contend with. Upon his release, Strowman attempted to start his own promotion, but Control Your Narrative Wrestling never really took off.

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Mike Johnson of reports that Braun has re-signed with the company and will be backstage during next week’s Monday Night Raw broadcast. The timing is interesting, given that it’s the first show that will take place following Clash At The Castle. Any number of things could happen on that premium live event, and Drew McIntyre beating Roman Reigns in front of 70,000+ people feels like a real possibility. Could Strowman be his first significant challenger as a new champion? Conversely, if Reigns successfully defends his titles, he could rightfully say that there’s no one left for him to conquer. He’s already beaten every former Univeral Champion, and SummerSlam was supposedly the last time fans will see Reigns and Lesnar wrestle.

Braun Strowman Gives WWE Another Legit Title Threat

Triple H is trying to shake up WWE’s main event scene. Under McMahon, the title picture has primarily been dominated by part-time wrestlers and returning legends like Goldberg. It doesn’t seem like The Game is interested in maintaining that status quo. Karrion Kross is being presented as a legit title threat, Kevin Owens is being built back up as a contender, McIntyre feels like a big deal these days, and Cody Rhodes will be back and healthy within the next few months.

Strowman gives WWE another high-impact, top-of-the-card wrestler to move in and out of feuds with these top guys. That bodes well for fans who bemoaned Reigns and Lesnar being in the main event of SummerSlam so soon after being the final match at WrestleMania 38. This variety will keep Raw and SmackDown fresh, which seems to be at the tippy top of Triple H’s plan now that he’s booking WWE. The ratings are up, and Strowman will fit right in with the company’s current direction.

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