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Will Deadpool 3 Include Wade’s Fiancée Vanessa? Morena Baccarin Responds

Actress Morena Baccarin speaks about the potential for her to return to play the character of Vanessa in the MCU’s upcoming Deadpool 3.

Deadpool star Morena Baccarin has shared an update about whether or not her character will be appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 3. She has so far appeared in both Deadpool movies as Vanessa, the love interest for Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson. Her potential return is somewhat complicated, because in spite of her accepting Deadpool’s proposal and wanting to start a family with him, she was killed at the beginning of Deadpool 2, driving most of the antihero’s emotional arc for the film. He did in fact travel back in time to rescue her, but this took place in Deadpool 2‘s mid-credits sequence, a questionably canonical space that also included Deadpool shooting Ryan Reynolds to prevent him from signing on to star in Green Lantern.


Deadpool 3 has had an extremely challenging road to the screen, despite the box office success of Deadpool and Deadpool 2, leading to the growing gulf between entries that has now stretched to a total of four years and counting. This is largely because of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Studios, who owned the rights to Deadpool and the X-Men characters. Now that these characters can be folded into the MCU proper, it has been difficult for the studio to find a space for Deadpool, a vigorously R-rated character, in their more family-friendly franchise that sticks consistently to a PG-13 rating.

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Per The Direct, Baccarin recently spoke about her Deadpool role during a panel at DragonCon Atlanta. While she confirms that the script is currently being written, she admits that “I have no idea.” She says that she doesn’t usually find out about her involvement until a much later stage, but that “it’d be great” to have the opportunity to return to the role. Read her full quote below:

You know, from your lips to God’s ears, I have no idea. They’re writing the script right now. I’m usually the last to find out anything. I’m not even… I wish I had information I could give you but I really don’t. But it’d be great.

Although Baccarin hasn’t had the opportunity to play Vanessa for several years, the Brazilian actress hasn’t been sitting back and cooling her heels. In the meantime, the actress has appeared on several television projects including The Game and Home Invasion. She has also held roles in two different comic book properties in the DC universe, playing the voice of Gideon on The Flash as well as continuing her role as Leslie Thompkins on Gotham until the series ended in 2019.

If solid progress on Deadpool 3 is truly being made, it is possible that the announcement of an official release date could be coming during Disney’s D23 Expo next weekend. If that is the case, the pieces of the movie will likely start to fall into place over the next couple of months. At that point, fans may want to check back in about Baccarin’s involvement, as more information will certainly be available as pre-production moves forward.

Source: The Direct

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