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Harry Potter’s Lucius & Draco Malfoy Actors Reunite In Sweet Image

Harry Potter stars Tom Felton, and Jason Isaacs have reunited via a new photo posted to Instagram. Based on the book series of the same name, the Harry Potter film franchise consists of eight films, beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and culminating with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Launched in 2001, the first film introduced audiences to the series’ main characters, the trio of Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter, Rupert Grint’s Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger.


Aside from the three lead actors, the series features many other notable cast members throughout its course. Serving as a foil to the series’ hero Harry Potter, Felton’s Draco Malfoy is a bully at Hogwarts throughout much of the series and plays an important role, especially in the later films, as he joins forces with Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and his followers. Coming from one of the few remaining pure-blood wizarding clans in the series, Draco often utilizes his father’s, Isaacs’ Lucius Malfoy’s, name and influence to gain advantages and threaten others. Lucius is even more cunning and evil than Draco, and his influence on his son throughout the series stays clear.

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In a photo posted to Instagram, Felton shared a reunion with his Harry Potter father. Felton cleverly captioned the photo, “My father heard about this, play i was in @222aghoststory“—reference to Draco’s oft-repeated catchphrase, “My father will hear about this.” The funny caption accompanies a selfie of Felton and Isaacs smiling outside the theater where Felton will participate in 2:22 A Ghost Story. Check out Felton’s post below:

This isn’t the first time a Harry Potter reunion has happened. A few months ago, Felton reunited with former co-star Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the series. Additionally, within the past year, most of the Harry Potter film series cast and crew, including Felton and Isaacs, reunited for the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts special to reflect on their experiences shooting the films together. Many cast members have reunited over the years since the series ended. Considering the Harry Potter films spanned ten years and became a worldwide phenomenon, it’s clear that many actors formed strong friendships, including Felton, with his former castmates.

While the final Harry Potter movie was released over a decade ago, fans remain passionate about the series and the cast that brought it to life. Although the world of Harry Potter continues to play out in the Fantastic Beasts spinoff films, it’s not the same as the main franchise, with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Neville, and the rest of the characters that fans have come to love. Another Harry Potter film is highly unlikely at this point. However, for now, Harry Potter fans can rejoice knowing that the actors they grew up watching still look back fondly on the franchise phenomenon and stay holding on to lasting bonds and friendships.

Source: Tom Felton/Instagram

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