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Love In The Villa Ending Explained (In Detail)

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Love in the Villa

Netflix’s romantic comedy Love in the Villa has a satisfying and somewhat predictable ending that still manages to be very entertaining – here’s the ending of the Italy-based romcom explained in detail. Released on September 2, Love in the Villa was written and directed by Love, Guaranteed‘s Mark Steven Johnson. The romcom stars The Vampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham and Merlin‘s Tom Hopper as the two romantic leads. Love in the Villa‘s cast also includes Ginny & Georgia‘s Raymond Ablack, Laura Hopper, Sean Amsing, and Emilio Solfrizzi.


Love in the Villa follows Julie, a third-grade teacher from Minneapolis that loves Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and its setting, Verona. Despite planning the trip there with her boyfriend Brandon, they unexpectedly break up right before she leaves. While she decides to nevertheless follow through with the trip of her dreams, at the time of her arrival, Julie realizes the romantic villa she had booked is already occupied by Charlie, a British businessman in Verona for work. Julie and Charlie soon launch a war to decide who will get the apartment, but they eventually opt for a truce that turns into something more as they develop feelings for each other.

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Love in the Villa walks a fine line between the distinctive dreaminess of romantic comedies and a somewhat realistic approach that focuses on the awkward aspects romcoms tend to gloss over, bettered by Love in the Villa‘s talented cast. The quirky romantic comedy leads to a happily ever after that is expected but nonetheless delivered with thoughtfulness. Here’s Love in the Villa‘s ending explained in detail.

Love In The Villa’s Ending Proves Julie’s Choice Is The Right One

The Julie at the start of Love in the Villa wants nothing more than to adhere to her perfectly planned trip and life, counting on making the most because of the many plans she had made even before leaving for Verona. However, life reminds Julie of how unexpected it can be, and Julie ends up going to Verona without her partner, and even then, she wants to adhere to her schedule. The journey Julie is on during her trip isn’t only tangible but also metaphorical, as Julie learns to let go of control while still enjoying her trip. Her final choice of refusing Brandon’s marriage proposal perfectly reflects that, as it would have been everything that The Vampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham‘s Julie wanted before her trip. Yet, having almost all plans go up in the air during her trip to Verona changed her, letting her relinquish control and realize what she really wanted wasn’t just any partner, but someone that understood her and “matched her weird.

Love In The Villa’s Ending Fulfilled Charlie & Julie’s potential

Love in the Villa often portrays Charlie as someone as unwilling to modify plans as Julie is, but his reasons are very different from Julie’s. While Julie is just as risk-averse as he is, she also loves her life and what she does with it. Unlike Julie, Charlie hates what his job forces him to do, despite loving his field. Getting to know Julie makes Charlie understand that there could be another life in store for him, one that would let him do something he likes, like managing a vineyard, even if that isn’t the most sensible investment choice for The Umbrella Academy‘s Tom Hopper‘s Charlie. Love in the Villa‘s ending fulfills both Charlie and Julie’s wishes, as he finds the courage to make the changes he wants in his life, and she starts to value herself more, pursuing a romantic relationship with someone because she clicked with him and not because that’s the plan.

Does The Ending Set Up Love In The Villa 2?

Love in the Villa‘s ending is quite self-contained, so it’s unlikely that a sequel might be in store. Still, as Charlie and Julie end up seemingly starting a long-distance relationship at the end of it – as Julie teaches in Minneapolis and Charlie plans to buy a vineyard in Tuscany – Love in the Villa 2 might explore that next step in their story. Whatever’s in store for Julie and Charlie in the future, Love in the Villa managed to deliver an ending that, though predictable, is entertaining and refreshingly different.

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