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Deep Six Images Show Smallville Star Tom Welling’s New Action Movie [EXCLUSIVE]

Smallville star Tom Welling is making his action movie debut as the lead of the upcoming film Deep Six, and Screen Rant is exclusively revealing the first look photos. In the action thriller, Terry, played by Welling, is released early from prison, only to be forced to go undercover to take down the Cosa Nostra in Italy. On his first day, his fellow six-man undercover unit is taken out, with Terry then forced to ride shotgun all day with a psychopath killer who may know he is working for the police.


In Deep Six, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse and Twilight actor Cam Gigandet plays the antagonist to Welling’s character named Griff. Actress Cher Cosenza, known for the action drama Death in Texas with Avatar’s Stephen Lang, also stars as a character named Sphinx alongside Welling. The film is being directed by Scott Windhauser, who has previously directed action stars such as Black Dynamite‘s Michael Jai White and Aquaman’s Dolph Lundgren in other films.

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In Screen Rant’s exclusive collection of Deep Six first look photos included below, fans get a glimpse of Welling in the action-packed feature. Fans are also treated to their first peek at the looks of each of the lead characters. Each character is shown holding various weapons as they prepare for combat in thrilling gunplay and fight sequences. Director Scott Windhauser also shared some insight into the making of the filming, promising “a lot of beauty, excitement and hardcore action.” Check out what Windhauser said and the exclusive new images below:

Tom is very far from Smallville in this, he’s like the opposite. He’s not a hero. He’s a guy in an impossible situation trying to get his way out. And he lives in the gray areas. [Welling] gets to go to toe-to-toe with Cam Gigandet in a game of cat and mouse that the audience will love. I can’t wait to show the world this project.

Deep Six was filmed on-location in the bustling, historical city of Rome, Italy. The action movie is being produced by Emanuele Moretti, who is currently producing Assassin Club, starring Snake Eyes Henry Golding and Jurassic World Dominion’s Sam Neill. Deep Six has not yet set an official release date, but is set to premiere sometime in 2023.

Windhauser’s tease that Welling will be delivering a major departure from his iconic Smallville turn as Clark Kent in Deep Six should prove an interesting draw for fans of the actor, namely after he recently reprised the role for the Batwoman episode of the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Given the actor has built a large fan base for his kindhearted nature, it will be interesting to see him explore a morally gray character, as well as making his action movie debut, having only lent his talent to film for the Cheaper by the Dozen movies, The Fog remake, Draft Day, Parkland and The Choice. While audiences await Deep Six‘s arrival, they can revisit all ten seasons of Smallville streaming on Hulu now.

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