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Halloween Ends Image Reveals Michael Myers Brutal Knitting Needle Attack

A new image from David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends reveals Michael Myers’ brutal knitting needle attack against Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode.

A new image from Halloween Ends reveals Michael Myers’ knitting needle attack against Laurie Strode. After first being introduced in 1978’s Halloween, directed John Carpenter, Myers has terrorized a host of victims across 12 films of varying success. The franchise was rebooted in 2018 with David Gordon Green’s Halloween, which he would follow up with last year’s Halloween Kills. After starring in the original Halloween and several sequels, Green’s reboot also sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Strode, widely considered one of the original “final girls” of the horror genre.


Acting as a conclusion to Green’s new trilogy, the upcoming Halloween Ends pits Strode against Myers for what is being billed as a final showdown. Halloween Kills sees Myers survive Strode’s burning house before then going on a rampage across Haddonfield, ending with the iconic villain seemingly killing Karen (Judy Greer), Strode’s daughter. A recent trailer for Halloween Ends teases some of what’s to come in the final film in Green’s trilogy, showcasing a brutal kitchen fight between Myers and Strode. Now, a new image from Halloween Ends shows off another brutal fight from the film.

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The frightening new image, courtesy of USA Today shows Myers pushing a thick metal knitting needle toward Strode’s head. While the dark environment makes it hard to tell exactly where the fight takes place, the moment seen in the picture could be part of the kitchen fight between Strode and Myers. Strode does have some big cuts on her face, suggesting the knitting needle scene is part of a more prolonged action sequence. Check out the new Halloween Ends image below:

As has already been teased in other promotional materials for Halloween Ends, the upcoming installment seems to put the focus much more exclusively on Strode and Myers, the two characters who started it all back in 1978. Although Strode didn’t play a very large role in 2018’s Halloween, she becomes a more central character in the sequel. Now, however, with her only child seemingly dead, Strode is poised to take the fight to Myers in an effort to end his reign of terror once and for all and exact revenge.

As the image suggests, Strode’s mission to kill Myers is certainly easier said than done. Myers consistently demonstrates superhuman strength and invulnerability and, despite her being able to survive the villain across a number of films thus far, some fans have theorized that Halloween Ends could mean the end for Strode. Thankfully, the release date for Halloween Ends is now just over a month away, meaning another trailer is likely to be released in the coming weeks, teasing more of Strode and Myers’ final showdown.

Source: USA Today

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