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Horrific X-Men Art Turns The Office’s Dwight Into Wolverine

Amid speculation about the MCU casting the X-Men soon, a piece of unsettling fan art combines The Office’s Dwight Schrute with Wolverine.

X-Men art depicting The Office‘s Dwight as Wolverine looks like it came straight from a nightmare. In 2019, Disney acquired 20th Century, and Marvel finally gained access to the X-Men again. Although Kevin Feige’s vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe was to create a cohesive world equal to that of Marvel Comics, the rights to one of Marvel’s largest properties were out of reach. As soon as those rights returned, rumors began to spark about when the X-Men and other mutants would join the MCU. Now, some fans are expecting an announcement at the D23 Expo this week.


Amid such rumors, speculation has also recently turned to who will play Wolverine in the MCU. Although Hugh Jackman had portrayed the character on screen since 2000, the actor won’t be returning for the role in future projects. Online discussion has suggested several other actors as the MCU’s Wolverine, such as Karl Urban and Taron Egerton. Still, while fan speculation awaits Marvel’s official announcement, an unexpected piece of art suggests The Office’s Dwight take up the role.

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Dwight Schrute and Wolverine may seem like the last two characters anyone would put together, but one fan artist has combined the two. In a tweet, artist BossLogic shared a piece of art merging Dwight and Wolverine, and the result is almost scary. Dwight finally has the physique he always boasted about in The Office as his head sits on top of Wolverine’s jacked shoulders. Standing with a smirk and his X-Men fanny pack, Wolverine Dwight looks dangerously unqualified to join the MCU anytime soon. Check out the full tweet below:

In 2005, The Office introduced Rainn Wilson’s iconic character Dwight Schrute to TV audiences. Dwight was a fan-favorite character from the mockumentary-style sitcom, and as evidenced by BossLogic’s art, the character still remains pervasive in pop culture nearly a decade after The Office finale ended the long-running series. As a character, Dwight has few qualities that match Wolverine’s. Although both have a tendency to speak bluntly and enjoy time alone, Dwight’s enthusiasm for work and rules stands completely opposed to Wolverine’s gruff personality. The caption for this art may read, “Perfection”, but the outcome of this mashup seems more frightening than exciting since Dwight usually became a tyrant with power in The Office.

Despite the terrifying possibilities it presents, Wolverine Dwight seems to be earning a positive reception on Twitter. Of course, Wilson seems like an extremely unlikely choice for the MCU’s Wolverine, and the mashup will only be realized if Wilson chooses to dress up as the character himself. Still, that shouldn’t stop The Office fans from imagining Dwight as more X-Men characters, no matter how jarring the results may be. There might be a perfect match in there somewhere.

Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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