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Nicolas Cage & Joel Kinnaman Cast In New Movie Sympathy for the Devil

Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman will star in a new movie from Yuval Adler titled Sympathy for the Devil that follows a white knuckle car chase.

Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman will star in a new movie titled Sympathy for the Devil. Luke Paradise (the upcoming Lost on a Mountain in Maine) penned the script, and the film is directed by Yuval Adler, who is known for The Operative, as well as his debut feature, Bethlehem, which earned him the Venice Days award. Capstone Studios is teaming up with Hammerstone Studios and Signature Films to produce the film, a trio behind the upcoming thriller starring Bill SkarsgÄrd, Boy Kills World.


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Sympathy for the Devil follows Kinnaman as “The Driver,” tasked with driving the enigmatic Cage as “The Passenger” during a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Other plot details are being kept under wraps, but the film involving a white-knuckle car ride is described as a psychological thriller. A full quote from Allan Ungar, one of the producers of the film, can be read below:

“This is a tour de force featuring two incredible actors. As an acclaimed filmmaker, Yuval has assembled the perfect cast and brought a unique and gritty vision to this film that will be sure to capture audiences.”

With Cage’s and Kinnaman’s long history of delivering memorable performances in action-thrillers, viewers will have to see whether their chemistry on screen pushes each other to deliver scenes that keep viewers on the edge of their seats during Sympathy for the Devil. Yuval has found much acclaim working within the thriller genre, but the upcoming film also offers the opportunity to see whether writer Paradise has the potential to become a breakout. Viewers will have to follow updates for the film starring Cage and Kinnaman as production continues in Las Vegas.

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