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Nope Honest Trailer Mocks Jordan Peele Movie’s Obsession With Clouds

The new Honest Trailer for this summer’s sci-fi thriller Nope is here, poking fun at Jordan Peele’s acclaimed film and some of its flaws.

While it garnered a strong reaction, Nope is getting the Honest Trailer treatment, poking fun at Jordan Peele’s sci-fi horror-thriller. Nope was written and directed by Peele, well-known for his previous horror films Get Out and Us. The film follows OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) after the mysterious and untimely death of their father forces them to sell their horses to make ends meet while they try to capture footage of the unidentified flying object stalking their ranch. Nope has achieved both critical and financial success, grossing over $159 million worldwide at the box office.


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The latest Honest Trailer video from Screen Junkies has set its sights on Jordan Peele’s Nope. The video pokes fun at everything from OJ being “the oldest young man alive” to the film’s seeming obsession with clouds and the terrifying things hiding in them. Check out the full video below:

Despite ridiculing everything from Nope’s self-serving cast of characters to the painfully slow buildup in tension, it is clear that Screen Junkies have a lot of respect for Peele as a director. Peele continues to standout as a director for his original and thought-provoking films that do not rely on an established franchise to fill theater seats, a testament to his skill and influence that his directorial style and choices can already be spoofed so succinctly. With the success of Nope, fans of Peele can expect more horrifying films to look forward to.

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