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It Follows Star Is Stalked In A Forest In Significant Other Trailer

In the new Significant Other trailer, It Follows star Maika Munroe loses herself to the supernatural forces that lurk within a remote forest.

It Follows star Maika Monroe finds herself stalked in the official Significant Other trailer. Monroe, best known for her 2014 breakout role in David Robert Mitchell’s horror film, stars in Paramount+’s psychological thriller as Ruth, a young woman who goes backpacking with her boyfriend, Jake Lacy’s Harry. As they venture further into the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, Ruth and Harry begin to discover dark secrets about one another and feel something is hunting them, though struggle to determine if it’s another person or something supernatural in origin.


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With just a month remaining until its premiere, Paramount+ has revealed the official Significant Other trailer. The video sees Ruth, played by It Follows star Monroe, unravels and loses herself to seemingly supernatural forces that lurk within a remote forest while backpacking with her boyfriend, who seemingly goes missing when she loses her memory. Check out the chilling trailer below:

Significant Other is co-written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, known for their previous horror films, Villains and Body, the latter of which starred Monroe as a robber who is trapped in a house belonging to a child-kidnapping couple. The 2019 dark comedy scored largely positive reviews from critics, namely for the performances of its cast. With It Follows‘ Monroe heading back into familiar territory with the Significant Other trailer and reuniting with her Villains filmmakers, it will be interesting to see if it can live up to their prior collaborations when it premieres on Paramount+ on October 7.

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