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Amy Adams Becomes Wicked Stepmother In Disenchanted Trailer

With just two months remaining until its arrival, Disney unveils the first Disenchanted trailer, revealing Amy Adams becoming a wicked stepmother in the film. The fantasy musical comedy acts as a sequel to the critically acclaimed Enchanted and finds Amy Adams’ Giselle moving away from New York City to a small suburb with her husband Robert, stepdaughter Morgan, and their own baby. The group will find themselves in the crosshairs of Malvina Monroe, the nefarious woman overseeing the neighborhood, as well as Giselle’s desire to recreate her home kingdom of Andalasia.


Alongside Adams, the cast for Disenchanted includes the returns of Enchanted stars Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel, while also welcoming Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays and Oscar Nunez to the franchise. Development on a sequel languished for well over a decade, finally gaining steam in the late 2010s when Adams signed on to return and Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman signed on to direct. Production on Disenchanted ran from May to July 2021, with some reshoots being conducted this past March, and now audiences are getting their first look at the film.

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As part of the D23 Expo, Disney has unveiled the official Disenchanted trailer and poster. The video offers the first proper look at the long-awaited sequel, including its major story point of Amy Adams’ Giselle becoming a wicked stepmother. Check out the exciting trailer and poster below:

For those who fell in love with the original film, the Disenchanted trailer is sure to offer plenty of exciting teases of Adams and her costars’ returns to the screen. One of the most interesting takeaways is sure to be that of Giselle’s transformation into a wicked stepmother as she falls under the influence of a wand granting her any wish, which she uses to turn her quiet suburban neighborhood closer to her own realm. Given Adams’ character had to find a way to balance her cheery nature with the cynicism of the real world, it will be interesting to see Giselle struggle with her powers and how they turn her towards the dark side.

Another major takeaway from the Disenchanted trailer and poster is the first looks at Maya Rudolph’s Malvina, seemingly the antagonist of the film. Given the trailer introduces her as an overbearing neighborhood leader, much in the same vein as WandaVision‘s Dottie, it will be interesting to see if she becomes the prototypical evil witch because of Giselle’s wish for a real fairy tale, or if she masterminded her transformation into a wicked stepmother. Only time will tell when Disenchanted premieres on Disney+ on November 24.

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