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The Lion King Prequel Gets Official Title From Disney

The live-action Lion King prequel movie gets an exciting official title and announcement from Disney as it’s set for a 2024 release date.

Disney’s live-action The Lion King prequel has received an official title and release timeline. Disney released a remake of the 1994 classic animated film The Lion King in 2019 which, though termed as live-action by the House of Mouse, was made entirely with photorealistic computer animation. Regardless of labels, The Lion King was a massive success, grossing over $1.6 billion and charming old fans and a new generation of moviegoers with its impressive realism and star-studded voice cast.


The 2019 Lion King movie was a true remake, telling Simba’s story in a new, updated medium. With plenty of animated sequels over the years, there was plenty of potential for Disney to continue the story in live-action and, sure enough, a new installment in the franchise was announced in 2020. Reports stated that the new Lion King movie would focus on Mufasa and Scar’s origins, with Moonlight‘s Barry Jenkins set to direct. Now, this has seemingly been confirmed with a fitting title that sets the stage for the exciting new installment.

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Walt Disney Studios announced today via Twitter that the film will be called Mufasa: The Lion King. The announcement also confirms that the film will be released in 2024, though it’s unclear whether the prequel will enjoy a theatrical release like The Lion King or go straight to Disney+. See the announcement below:

The Barry Jenkins-directed Mufasa: The Lion King will offer audiences a glimpse into Simba’s beloved father’s backstory, showing how he rose from a humble start to lead the Pridelands. The prequel film will likely also detail the falling-out between Mufasa and his brother Scar, who serves as the antagonist in The Lion King films, with Aaron Pierre set to voice Mufasa while Kelvin Harrison Jr. will voice his wicked brother. With Jenkins at the helm, it’s likely that the brothers’ backstory will get the nuanced treatment it deserves, and the Mufasa origin story will likely make his infamous death in The Lion King even more heartbreaking.

While some audiences have complained about the large volume of sequels, prequels, and remakes being released today, namely from Disney, Mufasa remains a fan-favorite character after his brief Lion King role, and Scar is one of Disney’s most iconic villains. Centering a film on the two lions’ youth practically guarantees its success, so long as it is executed well. With well over a year remaining until its release, it seems unlikely that a proper trailer for Mufasa: The Lion King will come out any time soon, leaving audiences to revisit the original Lion King movies on Disney+ in the meantime.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

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