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Peter Pan & Wendy Poster Reveals First Look At Updated Disney Characters

Disney reveals the Peter Pan & Wendy poster, giving an early look at the reinvented classic. The film will be a live-action retelling of J.M. Barrie’s classic story of the little boy who did not want to grow up, which had previously been adapted by the studio in the 1953 animated movie. The cast includes both familiar and new faces, featuring Jude Law as Captain Hook, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, and Jim Gaffigan as Smee, while also introducing young actors Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, Ever Anderson as Wendy, Joshua Pickering as John, and Jacobi Jupe as Michael.


Peter Pan & Wendy is directed by acclaimed director David Lowery. Lowery has directed a wide range of works so far in his career, including the indie grief tale A Ghost Story, the biographical crime dramedy The Old Man & The Gun and the fantasy epic The Green Knight. Peter Pan & Wendy will not be the director’s first time adapting a classic animated Disney film into live action, as Lowery previously worked with Disney before in directing 2016’s Pete’s Dragon, an adaptation of the 1977 animated film of the same name. With production on Peter Pan & Wendy having wrapped late last year, audiences are getting their first glimpse at the film.

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Now, Disney has revealed the first Peter Pan & Wendy poster as a part of the Disney 2023 Expo, revealing the first look at the updated Disney characters. The key reveals a two-masted ship with billowing sails creeping through cloud surroundings. The Darling children and Peter Pan swing atop the masts. Check out the poster below:

The dreamlike Peter Pan & Wendy poster is but a small glimpse of the updated aesthetic to come from the latest live-action Disney remake. While the updated Disney characters are largely kept in the distance, the composition of the clouds and silhouettes of the key are sure to aptly fit the mood for a new Peter Pan film in many audiences’ minds. Lowery has proven with Pete’s Dragon that he can direct live-action Disney adaptations with both stunning cinematography and stirring emotional qualities while still retaining much of his indie filmmaking style. Though the film may be a ways away from its release date, the initial Peter Pan & Wendy poster points to some of that grandiose visual scale that made Pete’s Dragon so visually compelling.

Based on the Peter Pan & Wendy poster, one can hope that Lowery can match the high standard he has set with Pete’s Dragon and produce a work not only cinematographically satisfying but emotionally engaging. Since Disney’s original Peter Pan animated film came out in 1953, there have been countless adaptations of the tale, some of which have included the Robin Williams-centric Hook in 1991, the widely-disliked Pan in 2015, and Benh Zeitlin’s Wendy in 2020. With Peter Pan & Wendy, Lowery has the opportunity to reinvent Barrie’s classic story once more, and only time will tell if audiences enjoy his take when the film hits Disney+ in 2023.

Source: Walt Disney Studios/Twitter

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