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Chris Jericho Makes Massive Promise About AEW’s Future

Chris Jericho spent a ton of time in WWE and has been with AEW since its inception. His insight into the fans of both companies is interesting.

Chris Jericho has been around the professional wrestling business seemingly forever, and he recently made a pretty massive promise about AEW‘s longevity. The veteran has allegedly emerged as a locker room leader in the wake of CM Punk going scorched earth during his post-All Out media scrum. It was he who stood up during a messing before the September 7 episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite and implored the company’s wrestlers to stop leaking grievances to the press.


Lionheart has seen firsthand what these kinds of backstage issues can do to a company. He wasn’t in WCW as that ship started to take on water, but Jericho saw enough to know what kind of damage can happen to relationships. With CM Punk injured and on the shelf for at least half a year and the Being The Elite crew suspended, Jericho and other veterans have an opportunity to reshape All Elite’s culture on the fly. For AEW to continue to grow, the company can’t have an internal civil war brewing.

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His perspective on fans of various promotions is typically interesting, and he recently spoke about AEW’s long-term aspirations on Inside The Ropes. “We’ve been doing this for three years now and continuing to grow, and this is a big-time corporate business… I think we’ve done nine things right and maybe one thing wrong or two things wrong. So we learn from that, and we continue to build our brand and continue to improve… WWE has a lot of [fans], but they’ve also been around for 50 years. Give us another 47 years to see where we’re at. I guarantee we’ll still be here.” (h/t and a thank you to for the transcription)

Chris Jericho Can Back Up That Promise

Obviously, Jericho won’t still be wrestling in 47 years, but the impact he can have on AEW’s culture could continue reverberating for the next wave of the company’s pros. All Elite Wrestling has a handful of homegrown stars but has, by and large, grown to popularity while using other promotions’ former top talents.

That’ll always be a piece of the puzzle for AEW, but growing wrestlers internally who can evolve into draws will be AEW’s lifeblood. This makes Chris Jericho such an essential part of this growing federation. He doesn’t need an EVP title to have an impact backstage. He can do that based on everything he’s been through during his lengthy and legendary career. If Jericho is giving any AEW wrestler advice and they aren’t taking it, odds seem reasonable that they’re part of the company’s ongoing backstage issues.

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