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Nope Blooper Reel Makes Jordan Peele’s Movie Not As Scary

Nope’s hilarious blooper reel featuring uncooperative horses and Keke Palmer’s improv skills makes Jordan Peele’s latest horror film not as scary.

Nope‘s blooper reel makes Jordan Peele’s latest horror film not as scary. The director’s latest outing in the science-fiction horror genre, Nope, starred OJ Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) as they struggled to maintain their failing horse farm following the mysterious death of their father. After their horses are whisked away one-by-one by an unidentified flying object, OJ and Emerald decide to record the possible alien spacecraft to sell the proof of extraterrestrial life to make millions of dollars.


Like Peele’s previous films, Get Out and Us, Nope proved popular with critics and audiences, pulling in over $160 million at the box office. The film was praised for its tense atmosphere, stunning special effects, and strong performances from its cast. As Nope‘s home release nears, Peele has addressed fans’ inquiries regarding a possible extended cut of Nope, neglecting to confirm or deny any plans for a future edition.

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Now, Universal Pictures (via EW) has released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring bloopers from the movie Nope. In the hilarious video, Kaluuya struggles to complete his scenes as his horse costars do what they want. Palmer also showcases her improvisation skills while filming many takes of Emerald’s introduction scene early in the film. You can watch the video here.

An old adage in Hollywood urges filmmakers never to work with children or animals. Nope‘s blooper reel shows the difficulties of hiring the latter. Although the outtakes are humorous, as OJ demonstrated in the film, getting horses to cooperate on a film set is a delicate matter. But Palmer truly shines in the blooper reel. With Peele’s films generally dealing with heavy themes and packed full of details, allowing an actor to completely riff on set may be a rare occurrence. Palmer’s consistently delivering a different yet equally, hilarious introduction only shows the quality of her talent.

With Nope‘s home release coming to digital tomorrow and its physical editions hitting stores just in time for Halloween on October 25, the blooper reel gives the audience a peek behind the curtain to see the fun to be had in making such a suspenseful and terrifying film. Whether a horse peeing in the middle of a take or Palmer pop-locking for all to see, the Nope bloopers liven what is otherwise a frightening set. With the movie available to purchase digitally on September 20, a physical collector’s edition a month later, and an extended cut possibly in the works, fans of Nope have much to look forward to.

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