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Maverick Promo Reimagines Tom Cruise In Manga Style

A new Top Gun: Maverick promotion found in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine reimagines Tom Cruise’s pilot Pete Mitchell in Manga art style.

A new Top Gun: Maverick promotion reimagines Tom Cruise’s Pete Mitchell in Manga art style. Released in theaters this past May, the long-awaited Top Gun legacy sequel sees Cruise reprise his iconic role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell to train a new generation of fighter pilots. To say Top Gun: Maverick has been a success would be a massive understatement. The film has broken numerous box office records over the course of the summer and is currently dominating the home media market.


With Top Gun: Maverick and Cruise being on top of the box office for the past four months, fans have been honoring the film with creative crossover art. One piece imagined Top Gun: Maverick‘s pilots fighting Thanos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s big bad. Back when the internet trend first began, some AI-generated art imagined Sonic the Hedgehog flying alongside Cruise’s titular pilot. Now, as Top Gun: Maverick‘s popularity persists, another piece of crossover art has emerged.

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The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump included a full-page promo for Top Gun: Maverick and the magazine’s editorial team saw fit to illustrate Cruise as a shonen star. Shared by @shonenleaks on Twitter, the crossover art reimagines Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Manga style. Check out the new promo art below:

Seen above, the black-and-white sketch shows Maverick presenting a wrapped gift to the observer, though it also honors many signature aspects of the character. Naturally, he’s sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet, wearing his signature Aviator sunglasses, and holding his helmet inscribed with his call-sign, Maverick, on the front. His uniform is also adorned with all the necessary fixtures, such as the Captain rank insignia. Cleary, the artist did their due diligence when creating this art.

Considering how good Cruise’s Maverick looks in Manga style, this promo may provoke some real interest in Shonen Jump carrying a high-flying series similar to Top Gun. Based on its $1.4 billion worldwide gross to date, Maverick‘s appeal reaches far and wide, with $92 million of that total coming from Japan, far more than other Asia Pacific country. Based on these box office totals and this new promo, there is clearly some interest in seeing Top Gun Manga beyond some fun crossover art. As the seemingly outlandish idea continues to take off, audiences from all over the world can revisit Top Gun: Maverick which is, amazingly, still playing in theaters and has also arrived on digital platforms.

Source: @shonenleaks/Twitter

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