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Tony Khan Breaks Silence About MJF’s Return To AEW At All Out

Tony Khan is finally starting to get a handle on the narrative surrounding All Out and CM Punk’s media scrum, and he’s redirecting a lot of that attention towards MJF. The Salt Of The Earth returned during the company’s most recent pay-per-view, winning a chip that allows him a World Championship match whenever he wants. Khan has clarified that it won’t be a Money In The Bank “cash in” situation, adding that the bout will need to be sanctioned first.


Odds seem good that MJF is set to feud with whoever wins the title during the main event of Wednesday Night Dynamite Grand Slam. Jon Moxley will take on Bryan Danielson for the vacant World Championship, and with Full Gear set to take place on November 19, AEW fans could see MJF challenge the winner at that pay-per-view. Regardless of how things shake out in storyline, Friedman’s return has been a massive boost for All Elite Wrestling. Last week, the company turned in a huge 1.2 million ratings number on a Dynamite where fans knew they wouldn’t be seeing Punk, Kenny Omega, or The Young Bucks. MJF didn’t wrestle, instead giving a rub to The Firm, the new stable that helped him win the casino battle royale match at All Out.

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Despite a public falling out several months back, it seems like MJF and Tony Khan are on the same page. At least to the point where the founder and co-owner of AEW are comfortable praising his blue-chip superstar in the press. Speaking on the Rock 105.3’s The Show, Khan redirected questions about CM Punk and All Out and spoke about MJF instead. When asked about what’s going on with Punk, Khan declined to comment, instead plugging Dynamite before saying, “people are excited about the return of MJF. That’s pretty huge. That’s one of the main things we’re focused on in AEW.” When pressed for comment about CM Punk, Khan reiterated that he wouldn’t be speaking on that, instead stating, “I will say that MJF’s return has been a massive needle mover for AEW and has generated a ton of interest. Having MJF back on Dynamite has been great. That’s another reason why we’ve seen a great ratings bump. He’s a great star and a huge part of AEW.” (h/t and a thank you to for the transcription)

Ironically, just a few weeks ago, MJF was a subject that Tony Khan wasn’t interested in discussing. He no-showed a fan event ahead of the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, lost to Wardlow on that show, cut a promo on the next Dynamite about wanting to get fired, and wasn’t seen or heard from for months.

Khan was asked numerous times about what was going on with the 26-year-old but declined to comment. Now he’s taking that road with CM Punk and his EVPs, redirecting the attention towards MJF instead. Funny how things work out in professional wrestling sometimes. AEW is a better place when MJF is on weekly television, though, and Khan shifting media awareness in his direction makes all the sense in the world.

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