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Don’t Worry AEW Fans, Bryan Danielson’s Time Will Come

Some AEW fans are disappointed that Bryan Danielson lost to Jon Moxley at Grand Slam. Don’t worry. His time will come, and it’ll be fun when it does.

Jon Moxley beat Bryan Danielson in Wednesday Night Dynamite Grand Slam‘s main event, which left some AEW fans feeling discouraged. The American Dragon is arguably the most beloved wrestler on the roster, still maintaining all of the goodwill he built up while working for promotions such as ROH and WWE. He’ll always be remembered as the man who made Vince McMahon listen through the iconic “Yes” movement, which was kicked off by the then Daniel Bryan after Triple H screwed him out of his first WWE Championship at SummerSlam.


Since debuting in AEW at All Out in 2021, Danielson has spent a lot of time doing what he did during the end of his run in WWE. He’s worked with younger talents, selflessly putting performers like Daniel Garcia over in main event matches. While his time with AEW has been chock full of fantastic bouts, his fans have been left wanting a bit more. Danielson has long been considered one of, if not the, best professional wrestlers in the world. Despite that, after spending more than a year in the company, Danielson has yet to have a run with the World Championship. Grand Slam seemed like a time to give him that title (especially with Jon Moxley reportedly wanting some time off), but Tony Khan decided to go with The Death Rider instead.

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Fans pining for a Danielson run saw an opening for one and were left disappointed by this outcome. Here’s the thing, though: Moxley probably isn’t going to have a particularly long run with the World Championship. Not with MJF lurking in the background with an oversized poker chip that grants him the right to an AEW World Championship match whenever and where ever he wants. If Danielson had won at Grand Slam, the odds are good he wouldn’t have held the title for more than a month. By passing on the big moment now, AEW leaves the door open for an extraordinary run for Danielson. One that could come sooner rather than later.

The American Dragon Vs. The Devil Himself

A face is only as good as the heel he is chasing. AEW seemed to lose that thread during CM Punk’s time at the top of the card. His feud with Hangman Adam Page was face against face. Jon Moxley was a face when Punk returned to challenge him to unify the World Championship. Even MJF had plenty of fans on his side when those two went toe to toe. Moxley will likely drop the title to MJF, and that is when Danielson should reemerge as the man to chase him for the title.

That’d be a money-making feud for Tony Khan, with two of the biggest stars going to war over the company’s most prestigious title. Working with Friedman also aligns with what Danielson wants to do while in All Elite Wrestling, which is work with younger stars. MJF is arguably the most significant blue chipper in professional wrestling. He is, without question, the top young star in AEW. Moreover, he’s one of the last true heels left in the business, and audiences would have a lot of fun watching Danielson chop down The Firm, one by one, before finally getting his hands on MJF and winning the AEW World Championship.

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