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Kenny Omega Reportedly Put Will Ospreay Over During Backstage AEW Meeting

Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay don’t seem to be the biggest fans of each other. Despite that, the AEW EVP reportedly put over his rival during a meeting.

AEW held a mandatory meeting for talent in late August, and according to a new report, Kenny Omega actually put Will Ospreay over in front of a majority of the roster. This was during the part of the meeting where The Cleaner made an infamous comment about how he wouldn’t hire eight out of the 10 people in the room at that time. Given the history between the two men, it’s a shocking revelation. The rivalry between them is well documented and known by fans, with them going back and forth on social media and during interviews, saying nasty things about each other.


Both have gone out of their ways to say that the negative comments on podcasts and Twitter aren’t meant to build towards a match between them, be it in AEW or NJPW. Instead, Omega and Ospreay insist that there’s a genuine dislike. The history is a lot to dissect, but it stems from Omega feeling like he set the table for Ospreay to succeed as the top wrestler in NJPW once he was gone, only to watch Will fumble the bag. The Best Bout Machine wanted to see Ospreay put on classic after classic in Japan. Instead, The Aerial Assassin has been a globetrotter, wrestling bangers for almost every major wrestling company in the world. Instead of just focusing on building NJPW back up once the Being The Elite guys split to form AEW.

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There’s a lot of real-life stuff in there, and at one point, Ospreay even claimed that Omega prevented him from making his debut in AEW until just before Forbidden Door. That makes a recent report from Aidan Gibbons at so shocking. Gibbons learned new details about the backstage meeting in August in an exclusive for the site. “In an update, a source close to Cultaholic Wrestling confirmed Omega made the eight out of 10 people comment before the AEW EVP turned to Will Ospreay and said the NJPW star didn’t even work in AEW yet he could wrestle circles around everyone in the room.

Omega Vs. Ospreay Would Be Money For AEW

(This video contains NSFW language)

Reading between the lines a bit, it sounds like Omega respects Ospreay as a wrestler. They’ve said plenty of gnarly things about each other in the past, and even if they meant those things, there’s no denying that a match between them would be a massive draw for AEW. It’s the kind of match that could headline the second edition of Forbidden Door. Will has contractual obligations to NJPW, while Kenny is an EVP for AEW, so who knows if fans will ever see that match come to fruition, though.

At the very least, it sounds like there are seeds in place that could make a bout between these two highly rated wrestlers a reality. Ospreay being at the all-hands-on-deck meeting in August was interesting enough. Hearing that his peer and rival Omega put him over to the AEW locker room is even more intriguing.

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