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Triple H Has Made His First Big WWE Mistake

Triple H has maintained a nearly flawless booking record since assuming creative control of WWE, but bringing back Braun Strowman could be a misstep for the company. Strowman was released over a year ago on June 2nd, 2021, alongside several other superstars. Among those released, Braun’s came as a genuine surprise to WWE audiences since he so perfectly fit the old-school idea of what a professional wrestler should look like.

Standing at 6’8″ and weighing over three hundred pounds, Strowman cuts a figure that’s hard to miss. It was easy to see why under Vince McMahon’s WWE, Braun was pushed to become a multi-time champion. In the time since the giant’s departure, however, the value Braun Strowman brings to WWE, now under the leadership of “Triple H” Paul Levesque, may have changed.


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While Braun Strowman’s talent and efforts are inarguable, the way Triple H has decided to reintroduce him to WWE audiences feels underwhelming. On the September 5th edition of Monday Night Raw, Braun stormed the arena and laid waste to a quartet of tag teams. While the crowd applauded Strowman’s return, The Monster Among Men made it abundantly clear on his first night that he didn’t come home to WWE to play hero or villain. His unspecified direction continued on SmackDown, September 9th, when he arrived to target the Alpha Academy tag team specifically. While Triple H has been respecting WWE fans elsewhere, Braun Strowman’s return seems designed to get nothing more than an easy pop from the crowd.

Braun Strowman Feels Like WWE Really Wanted Someone Else

In professional wrestling today, Braun Strowman isn’t even the only big man who’s gained a reputation for running to the ring, making quick work of his opponents, and hitting a powerbomb for punctuation. AEW has been running this same gimmick with TNT Champion Wardlow for a long time, albeit with much more character and depth. Strowman might be Triple H’s way of bringing a hulking figure back to the WWE roster, but for fans of both companies, he feels much more like a shallow imitation of an AEW star.

While some released WWE superstars increased their value during their time away from WWE, Braun Strowman committed himself to the opposite. Using his real name Adam Scherr, Strowman helped found the Control Your Narrative wrestling company. Control Your Narrative attempted to build a brand by recruiting wrestlers who felt they were misrepresented in companies like WWE or Impact Wrestling. Instead of achieving this, CYN became a home for disgruntled and controversial superstars. The company relied on bizarre gimmicks like performing matches in the dark and allowing fans to pay for a chance to insult their roster. Since Braun Strowman’s WWE return, CYN has canceled any future events.

Braun Strowman’s presence on the WWE roster will undoubtedly lead to some new and exciting matchups, especially with recent NXT call-ups taken into account. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther will need a new challenger once he’s finished his current feud with Sheamus and The Monster Among Men could offer the perfect body for the Ring General to chop down. If Triple H can’t find direction for Braun quickly, however, Strowman’s latest WWE run could turn into a whisper instead of a roar.

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