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Halloween Ends Trailer Shows Aftermath Of Laurie’s Daughter’s Death

A new Halloween Ends trailer shows the aftermath of Laurie’s daughter Karen’s death in the previous film and how it has changed her.

Though some may have held out hope for her survival, a new Halloween Ends trailer reveals the aftermath of Laurie’s daughter Karen’s death. Judy Greer first brought Karen to life in the 2018 Halloween sequel, in which her relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie has been strained after her difficult childhood in which she was trained to fight Michael Myers should he eventually escape. By the end of the film, the two had reconciled and succeeded in their plan to trap Michael in Laurie’s home and burn it down.


Halloween Kills saw Karen take on more action while Laurie recuperated in the hospital, joining the Haddonfield mob in their final trap to bring Michael down. Their plan would ultimately fail as Michael eventually overpowered and killed the group, including Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle, and saw him return to his childhood home, brutally stabbing Karen multiple times. Given the nature of slasher movies, many felt it was possible Karen could return for Halloween Ends to face off against Michael one more time, though the final nail has arrived for her coffin.

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With just weeks remaining until it hits theaters, a new Halloween Ends trailer has arrived, captured by YouTube user Movie Fun. The video officially confirms Laurie’s daughter Karen’s death and shows the aftermath in which Jamie Lee Curtis’ protagonist is out for revenge. Check out the new trailer below:

How Karen’s Death Changes Laurie Strode

Given Greer has indicated on multiple occasions she wasn’t involved in the film and that Karen indeed died in Halloween Kills, the new Halloween Ends trailer’s confirmation of her death may not come as much of a surprise, though is sure to come as a disappointment for those who fell in love with the character. However, given the upcoming sequel is said to pick up four years after its predecessor, it’s also likely to be seen as coming for the better, given it would be difficult to adequately pick up such a cliffhanger with that far of a time jump. With her fate now sealed, it will be interesting to see how Karen’s death changes Laurie come the events of Halloween Ends.

Prior to the new Halloween Ends trailer, Jamie Lee Curtis offered some insight for how Laurie Strode is different in her final chapter, having finally sought therapeutic help to process the trauma she’s experienced over the 40 years since her first encounter with Michael Myers. Though she may be in a better mental state than audiences found her in 2018’s Halloween, the lingering shadow of Karen’s death is sure to be a major driving factor for Laurie when Michael returns for one final confrontation between the iconic horror genre characters. Only time will tell how it all plays out when Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock on October 14.

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