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Could An Eric Young-Led SAnitY Return To Triple H’s WWE?

Triple H is clearly willing to retry NXT debuts that Vince McMahon whiffed on. The stars might be aligning for Sanity to make their return to Raw.

It’s admittedly a bit of a stretch, but WWE could be setting the table for a return of Eric Young and the Sanity stable. Given the nature of the group, multiple moving parts would need to come together for them to re-debut on the main roster. At this point, the biggest hangup is that no one from the main roster version of Sanity is currently in WWE, and of the NXT arrangement, only Nikki ASH is under contract with the company.

The only reason this seems even remotely possible is because of Triple H. Since taking over as head of creative, he hasn’t been shy about bringing back his old NXT standouts and inserting them into upper-card positions. Triple H re-signed Dakota Kai and called up IYO SKY to form the Damage Control stable with Bayley at SummerSlam. Karrion Kross was also signed to a new deal and is operating as the top everyday heel on SmackDown. Dexter Lumis’ ongoing feud with The Miz has been compelling mid-card stuff, while Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae both made shocking debuts just a few weeks apart. Getting Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe back into WWE would be virtually impossible under Vince McMahon. That isn’t the case with Triple H running the show. It’s also been reported that Triple H is discussing returns with wrestlers who aren’t on the radar of dirt sheets. Young, Dain, and Wolfe fit that bill.


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On the September 26 edition of Raw, Nikki ASH teased a character transformation. As Nikki Cross, she made Sanity work in NXT, and the group fell flat without her on the main roster. If ASH returns to her unhinged Cross persona, it could make sense to surround her with former stable mates. It’s believed that Eric Young’s contract with Impact expired in July this year. He’s 42 but is still capable of working at a high enough level for a WWE comeback. In April, he stated he’d be interested in another run with the company but said they couldn’t afford him. Dain has been working on independent shows since his release and appeared on AEW Rampage in May. The last member of the stable, Alexander Wolfe, has also been working the independent circuits in Germany and might be available as well.

Nikki ASH could evolve into a new gimmick. She could also revert to Nikki Cross without anyone from Sanity ever stepping foot into a WWE ring again. If Triple H wanted to reconstruct the stable, however, all the puzzle pieces he needs are available. McMahon botched the group following their call-up. Leaving Cross behind in NXT was a grave misstep, but Triple H has already proved that he can quickly fix these poor debuts.

Just look at Karrion Kross, who had one of the most disastrous call-ups of all time. McMahon completely decimated his character, left Scarlett Bordeaux out of Kross’ presentation, and almost immediately ran him into the ground. Under Triple H, he’s been booked to look like an absolute monster, tapping into the aggression that made him work so well in NXT. It’s a bit of fantasy booking, but it’s fun to think about what Sanity could look like in Triple H’s WWE.

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