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Laurie Strode Unmasks Michael Myers In Final Halloween Ends Trailer

Viewers may finally see Michael Myers in the flesh as Laurie Strode unmasks him in the final Halloween Ends trailer, which is coming to theaters October 14. The duo have been fighting it out since 1978’s original which followed young Laurie (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), a babysitter, who on Halloween is stalked by escaped murderer Michael Myers, a man incarcerated for 15 years after killing his older sister Judith when he was a child. The killer, otherwise known as ‘The Shape’ and ‘The Boogeyman’ has evaded death himself many times during his time on-screen, often by seeming to perish before disappearing without a trace.


The newest trilogy in the Halloween franchise ignores all the sequels that came after the original (including the part where it was revealed that Laurie Strode was in fact Michael’s sister), and focuses on the effect that the traumatic events of the first film had on Laurie and her family. The 2018 Halloween and 2021 Halloween Kills looked deep into that dynamic, with her daughter and granddaughter both unwillingly raised to have survival skills, just in case Michael finds a way to escape from the psychiatric ward holding him. When this finally happens 40 years later, the town of Haddonfield is once again shaken by an unrelenting murder spree committed by the silent man in the mask.

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The final trailer, released today by Universal Pictures, shows that Halloween Ends is set four years since Michael was last seen, as Laurie deals with the death of her daughter Karen. Her grandchild Allyson, wants her grandma to move on, but unfortunately Laurie seems fixated on finding and ending Michael once and for all. She seems to believe that maybe, to kill the Boogeyman, she must die herself, but not before she unmasks the man that has been haunting her dreams for years. Filled with action-packed kills, and what looks like the last stand-off between Laurie and Michael, Halloween Ends could finally reveal the face of the man that has been plotting to kill this final girl for so many years. Check out the trailer here:

Will Michael Myers Finally Kill Laurie Strode In Halloween Ends?

The final shot of the newest trailer shows Laurie defiantly telling Michael, “You came here to kill me, so do it” before he throws her across the kitchen. Although this wouldn’t be the first time that Laurie has died in the Halloween franchise, her sacrifice to take Michael down is a cunning way for Jamie Lee Curtis to bow out of the films for the final time. This could make way for her granddaughter Allyson (played by Andi Matichak) to take over as the new protagonist, if by some twist of fate, Michael was to survive yet again.

As this trilogy comes to a close, the hope that Laurie Strode can finally rest, whether that is in her grave or with the knowledge that Michael is finally vanquished, is very prevalent. There is a sense of anticipation with this concluding chapter, Halloween Ends, as moviegoers may have the chance to finally see Michael’s face, which has been glimpsed in previous films but not shown fully during this trilogy. There are many theories for where this franchise could go next if both the main character and antagonist die, but there are always possibilities that other stories could be explored in Haddonfield, new murderers could appear from dark corners to follow in the footsteps of The Shape.

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