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Sami Zayn Revealed As Most Entertaining Star In WWE Each Week

Sami Zayn’s ongoing storyline with The Bloodline might be the best thing in WWE right now. Now he’s been put over in a major way by Kayla Braxton.

Over the last few months, Sami Zayn and The Bloodline have been the highlight of WWE television. Which is saying something since both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown has been entertaining and picking up steam since Triple H took over the book in late July. Multiple arcs are taking shape inside of this one angle, and Zayn’s ability to sell ice to Eskimos has largely been why.

He’s been a fantastic foil to Roman Reigns, who WWE has built up to feel larger than life. Standing next to someone like Zayn, who comes off as more of an everyday guy, The Head of the Table feels like an even bigger deal. Zayn is almost the stand-in for audience members at home as he goes along for the ride of Reigns‘ historic championship run. The Bloodline turning on him felt inevitable just a few weeks ago, but the Honorary Uce continues to pick up supporters inside the faction. Jimmy Uso and the recently debuted Solo Sikoa seem like Sami, while Jay Uso and Paul Heyman aren’t big fans. These unique interactions create an interesting tension anytime the group is on WWE television.


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Unsurprisingly, it isn’t just the fans who have noticed how entertaining Zayn is every time he’s on Raw or SmackDown. Kayla Braxton sang Sami’s praises during the September 28 episode of The Bump, stating the following: “Sami Zayn is the most entertaining character we have on television every single week,” Braxton said. “I watch him backstage getting ready for his stuff. I’ve never seen anyone, I mean, everyone is very passionate and does a lot of hard work, but Sami is just a whole different kind of breed of entertainer. You can tell how much he cares, and he’s passionate. Doing interviews with him is so much fun because we can riff off of each other and figure out the way the audience will perceive it. That man is brilliant.” (h/t and thanks to for the transcription)

Sami Zayn Is WWE’s Swiss Army Knife

Zayn was a rare NXT call-up who didn’t suffer from Vince McMahon‘s booking. He’s never been presented as a WWE Championship contender on the main roster, but he’s always had something to do on the shows. His interactions with Kevin Owens might still highlight his main roster run, but his current work alongside The Bloodline gives those segments a run for their money.

From here, it’ll be interesting to see where WWE and Triple H take The Bloodline story. Given that Reigns gave Zayn his own shirt on SmackDown, a breakup doesn’t seem overly imminent. Then again, that’s the kind of seed that The Game would plant to lull audiences into a false sense of security. Zayn might have a few supporters in The Bloodline, but Roman Reigns is still The Tribal Chief. If he tells his guys to jump Sami, there (probably?) won’t be much hesitation.

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