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Where Was Dune Filmed: Every Shooting Location

The 2021 film Dune was a cinematic spectacle due, in part, to its unique filming locations. The movie earned several awards and accolades, including Academy Awards, in production design, visual effects, and cinematography. It can’t be overlooked that Dune’s location scouts picked incredibly picturesque scenery throughout the world. Every spot helped to capture the authentic feel of the vastly different lands described in the original source material.


The story of Dune begins on the lush oceanic planet of Caladan. The story follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), a gifted young man born into an impending destiny he does not fully comprehend. Paul is next in line to rule due to the circumstances of his noble lineage. Paul and House Atreides leave Caladan for Arrakis, a harsh desert planet, and the most dangerous place in their universe, after being awarded the responsibility of its stewardship. But Arrakis quickly explodes into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource, known as “spice,” which extends life, increases psychic perception, and allows space travel. Following several clairvoyant visions of a destructive future, Paul must grapple with his fear regarding the destiny he sees in his dreams.


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Before he is ready, and not by his own choice, Paul is propelled on a journey across Arrakis. Meanwhile, opposition in the form of House Harkonnen, the Atreides’ rivals, brews elsewhere in the galaxy. Each new location is distinct in style, creating a visual masterpiece with Denis Villeneuve’s direction. Here are all the filming locations of Dune.

Stadlandet, Norway

For the film, the lush oceanic world of Caladan where Paul Atreides and House Atreides call their ancestral home, was filmed in Stadlandet, Norway. Caladan is often described by its bodies of water and heavy rainfall, which make its landscape rich with greenery and vegetation. As a result, the filmmakers chose Norway, known for similar traits, to convey the rich planet.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Eventually, House Atreides must leave Caladan for the desert world of Arrakis. In contrast to their home world, Arrakis is seen as a harsh, dry planet with mountainous rock formations and sandstorms. This location took the Dune production to Wadi Rum, Jordan, a protected desert wilderness in Aqaba, in the Southern part of Jordan.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Additionally, a number of practical shots in Arrakis were filmed throughout Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Scenery backdrops of Arrakis were filmed at The Liwa Oasis, a large oasis in the Western part of the country. Visuals of the rock shelters used by the Fremens, the indigenous people who inhabit Arrakis, were shot in the Rub’ al Khali desert. Some exterior shots of the ornithopters flying through the air were caught by filming helicopters flying over the UAE and used as references for the aircrafts.

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Budapest, Hungary

Much of the Arrakeen invasion was filmed in Budapest at Origo Film Studios on their backlot. Many of the explosions and views from the interior shots of Dune‘s dragonfly-like ornithopters, required a controlled space where the production team could build sets and physical effects. This is also where the massive number of extras in costumes were filmed for the invasion.

The beautiful and picturesque settings chosen for Dune were proven to add to the visual success and acclaim the film has received. And now that filming has commenced on Dune: Part 2, the filmmakers do not intend to cut any corners on locations. Pre-production for the second installment has already begun filming in Altivole, Italy, and again in Budapest, Hungary.

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