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Marvel’s Armor Wars Disney+ Series Now Is Becoming A Movie

Despite being part of Phase 5, Disney+’s Armor Wars TV show is getting retooled as an MCU film, with Don Cheadle still set to star as War Machine.

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Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars TV show is getting retooled as an MCU film due to creative changes. While most of Marvel Studios’ planned Disney+ shows have come to pass, Armor Wars has been stuck in development hell. Despite being announced in 2020, it wasn’t until 2022 that updates began to emerge about James Rhodes’ spinoff show.

Armor Wars follows War Machine after everything Rhodes went through in Phase 3, including the death of his best friend, Tony Stark. The Disney+ drama was confirmed to take place after the events of Secret Invasion, where Cheadle is next set to appear as the Marvel hero.


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However, Armor Wars has had a massive shake-up at Marvel Studios, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that it is being retooled as a feature film. According to THR, the studio was committed in “getting the story told the right way,” and it led to them realizing that a movie would be a better option as opposed to a 6-episode series. Head writer Yassir Lester is still attached as he will pen the screenplay for the movie. Production was being eyed for 2023, but has now been delayed to this latest development.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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