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Drew McIntyre Shoots On Roman Reigns’ WWE Schedule (& Fighting The Rock)

Drew McIntyre is set to wrestle Karrion Kross in a strap match at WWE Extreme Rules, but he still made time to call out Roman Reigns and The Rock when given the opportunity to do so. The Scottish Warrior has been a workhorse for the company all summer long, seemingly wrestling on every episode of Friday Night SmackDown. That stands in stark contrast to Reigns and his availability, which McIntyre continues to dig at, much like he did leading up to their fight at Clash At The Castle.


Since losing to The Tribal Chief due to outside interference from Solo Sikoa, McIntyre has been preoccupied with Kross. It was Drew who Karrion attacked upon making his shocking return to SmackDown on August 5, and he’s been talking about changing the timeline at Extreme Rules. The top of the blue brand’s card is exciting, especially with the possible re-debut of Bray Wyatt looming large.

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Despite his upcoming match with Kross, McIntyre took a verbal jab at Reigns while speaking to The Dallas Morning News. When asked if he’s considered participating in less physical matches, Drew said: “I don’t think so. I suffer for the company, suffer from my art – constantly, it feels like. But that comes with the territory being the workhorse of WWE, being the conscience, I guess, of WWE. You ain’t gonna find Roman Reigns doing the schedule that I do. I keep the championship schedule.” McIntyre has also apparently heard the Reigns vs. The Rock rumors for WrestleMania 39 and weighed in on that too. “Apparently, I’ll have to go through not just The Bloodline… I’m going to have to literally go through the entire family like door to door. And I like The Rock a lot. It’s gonna pain me deeply when I go through the entire family, have to go to Hollywood, tap The Rock’s door and say, ‘I’m sorry, brother,’ then beat them him in his own doorstep because it’s the only way I’m gonna get that title off Roman.”

It seems highly unlikely that WWE would divert away from Roman Reigns Vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 39, but now McIntyre has at least made himself part of the conversation. Unlikely things happen in professional wrestling all the time. Especially once fans get involved and make their voices heard.

Kofi Kingston’s win over Bryan Danielson (then Daniel Bryan) at WrestleMania 35 was one such time. Bryan himself was also propelled into the high-end main event scene due to pressure from WWE’s audience. McIntyre fell short of winning the big one at Clash At The Castle, but he’s still a significant staple for SmackDown and has positioned himself to be a part of the possible Reigns Vs. The Rock feud should it end up happening. McIntyre isn’t wrong when he says that he’s been maintaining a championship schedule. Seeing him get rewarded for that by Triple H and WWE would be fun for fans.

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Source: The Dallas Morning News

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