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Judgement Day & Bloodline Are Building New Stars For WWE

Judgement Day and The Bloodline are focal points on WWE television right now, and the factions are creating brand new stars for Raw and SmackDown.

It took The Bloodline and Judgement Day some time to find their footing on WWE programming, but both factions are running on all cylinders and creating new stars for the company now. Roman Reigns’ stable has been around significantly longer than Finn Balor’s group, but they’ve still accomplished something significant. Not only have the coalitions made their leaders feel like a bigger deal, but they’ve also been leveraged to create new stars in Solo Sikoa, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and, to a lesser extent, Sami Zayn.


Besides Sikoa, everyone else mentioned was on the main roster several months ago but was directionless. Priest and Ripley were used quite well in NXT, but once Vince McMahon got his hands on their characters, they lost steam. Judgement Day took a while to click following its inception during WrestleMania 38, with Edge’s early promos falling flat and feeling generic. Balor shockingly booted him out of the group and became the new leader, which had led to Ripley and Priest seemingly getting more confident with each passing week.

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The Rated R Superstar hasn’t been there to dominate the mic, opening the door for Priest to find his rhythm there. His promos seem to improve every week, and he might be the best mic worker of the bunch. Using Ripley as a heater takes a trick out of the D-Generation X playbook, and her budding implied romance with Mysterio could be enjoyable as it unfolds. The two aren’t swimming in on-screen chemistry, but that’s been Judgement Day since it was created. It’s taken some time for everything to fall into place. AJ Styles is being teased as a potential addition to the group. Fans will either (finally) be treated to a Balor/Styles faction or get a feud between the two. That’s a win-win for WWE audiences.

Solo Sikoa & Samy Zayn Benefit From Roman Reigns’ Presence

Meanwhile, in The Bloodline, Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns are in the midst of one of the best storylines in wrestling today. AEW is supposed to be home for long-term angles, but they don’t have anything cruising at the same altitude. Zayn was ridiculously over in NXT and has had some bright spots on the main roster, but this is the most prominent spot he’s had on the show since SmackDown ran Kevin Owens Vs. Shane McMahon into the ground in 2017.

Solo Sikoa might be the biggest benefactor of Reigns and his aura. The Usos was a decorated tag team when they joined with Roman to create The Bloodline, and Paul Heyman already has Hall Of Fame credentials. The 29-year-old is a natural fit for the faction, given his heritage, and Sikoa’s debut at Clash At The Castle was pitch perfect. He gives The Bloodline another singles competitor to work with while further elevating Roman Reigns to final boss status. Judgement Day and The Bloodline haven’t hit home runs every time they’ve been up to bat this year, but there’s no denying WWE has used the groups to elevate talent to new heights.

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