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Did WWE Pull A Bait & Switch With Bray Wyatt (White Rabbit) Clues?

WWE has created a lot of interest with its White Rabbit clues, but after there was no real storyline growth on Friday Night SmackDown despite teases, some fans are worried it’s all been a bait and switch. The mystery is believed to be leading to Bray Wyatt‘s anticipated return and stems from the company playing White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane during house shows in September. A whole rabbit hole of hints and innuendos has cropped up since then, sending wrestling communities on Reddit and Twitter into a tizzy trying to connect all the dots.


It’s an interesting angle because there might still be some unplugged fans who don’t know what’s going on. There have been no direct references to Wyatt or the White Rabbit incidents by the commentator team. Not even when the lights flicker during matches. Instead, QR codes have taken eagle-eyed fans to mysterious websites, generating all kinds of theories about who is behind them and when the debut could happen. A sequence of these codes indicated that a big reveal was set to occur on the September 23 episode of SmackDown, but audiences were left with another QR code and more hints to unpack. The same thing happened during the September 30 episode as well.

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This has been going for a few weeks now, and while some fans are still eating the angle up, others feel like WWE has pulled a bit of a bait and switch. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said that he didn’t think audiences would continue to tune into SmackDown just for White Rabbit clues. There’d been a spike in the ratings during the 9/23 show, but not on 9/30. Dave Meltzer weighed in with the following: “Honestly, [WWE] didn’t know how many people extra were tuning in, but if they had known, they really need to give a lot more than what they gave. Because the idea is that there was a clue there, but you had to look really close for that clue. It wasn’t like they discussed it… I did have people on that Saturday morning go, like, ‘that was total bait and switch.’ I guess we’ll find out.

Is Bray Wyatt Coming At Extreme Rules?

For audience members who wanted to see Bray Wyatt in the flesh on September 23 and 30, of course, they were left disappointed. The idea that WWE pulled a total bait and switch, offering nothing for fans to work with, doesn’t seem fair, however. There were loads of clues dropped on both episodes of SmackDown, and depending on how much research people wanted to do, there was a ton to unpack. Hints were planted in the source code of the websites that the QR codes led to, for instance. If anything, it’s refreshing for WWE to place this much trust in those at home to pay attention and do the digging needed to piece everything together.

The speculation at this point is that Wyatt will be showing up at Extreme Rules. Anything could happen, however, especially if Triple H starts to feel like WWE is going to miss the boat if it doesn’t pull the trigger on this storyline soon. That kind of shift seems unlikely, given that the premium live event is set to go down on October 8. If Wyatt doesn’t make an impact at the premium live event, fans might become irritated.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Radio

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