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Jim Cornette Shoots On AEW’s MJF Vs. Wheeler Yuta Problem On Dynamite

MJF will wrestle Wheeler Yuta on the October 5 episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite, and Jim Cornette is concerned that AEW is missing the mark with the match. The seeds for the bout were planted during the Grand Slam episode of Dynamite two weeks ago. The Salt Of The Earth interrupted Yuta before he could predict the winner of Jon Moxley Vs. Bryan Danielson in the main event while pushing Tony Schiavone during the segment.

That led to Yuta cutting a promo on MJF on October 28, stating that the two had some serious problems that they needed to work out. Friedman answered the call and worked hard to make sure that the Philadelphia crowd ended up booing him by the end of the segment. The two almost ended up squaring off, but Colten and Austin Gunn prevented Yuta from attacking MJF. The latter told the former that he doesn’t do brawls but would be happy to wrestle him in Washington D.C. on the October 5 episode of Dynamite.


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Cornette reviewed the segment on the 451st episode of the Jim Cornette Experience and broke down his issues with it. “What MJF is doing with (Yuta) would be good if (Yuta) was a star. But he’s not. He looks like a guy using the internet at the library. And that’s the problem here. [AEW is] doing big wrestling angles with talent that can’t carry the ball or that nobody is going to give a s*** about. The only possible people who are going to care are the ones that are already there because they love everybody.” The conversation continued, with Cornette concluding that “if [AEW is] using Yuta as just cannon fodder to put heat on MJF, I’ll work with it. But if this is a highly competitive match, and it looks like Yuta belongs with MJF in the ring, then we’re all doomed.

Wheeler Yuta Vs. MJF Seems Unnecessary

This mini-feud between Yuta and MJF doesn’t make much sense, given where the two men are on the card. The last time fans saw the Blackpool Combat Club member in an AEW match, he was dropping the ROH Pure Championship to Daniel Garcia on September 7. Meanwhile, MJF has been positioned as the next AEW World Champion. He’s teased cashing in his poke chip from All Out when Moxley and Hangman Adam Page wrestle in Cincinnati on October 18.

An argument could be made that Yuta is involved because Moxley and he are in the stable, but that hasn’t been expressed in the storyline. Wheeler is mad that Friedman pushed Schiavone, and that’s it. The odds seem good that this fight will be a vehicle to put over The Firm in some fashion, but watering down MJF’s first match in AEW since May 29 in this fashion seems short-sighted. Especially if the whole point of The Firm was to make MJF a Roman Reigns-esque final boss, with several lackeys that his first challenger will need to go through, assuming he does end up winning the AEW World Championship soon.

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