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Seth Rollins Says Roman Reigns Is “Ducking” Him For WWE Championship Match

Seth Rollins has done several interviews leading up to WWE Extreme Rules. He weighed in on a potential championship match against Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins has a fight pit match against Matt Riddle at WWE Extreme Rules this weekend, but that doesn’t mean he’s taken his eyes off Roman Reigns. The two former Shield members seem to be on a long-term collision course. Whether they’ll square off with the unified championship on the line remains to be seen, but it’s a feud that audiences will almost certainly be ready for whenever it happens. The Head of the Table is, of course, in the midst of a career-defining run that has seen him become the most recognizable active name in sports entertainment.


The Architect spoke with ESPN MMA about his championship aspirations and had some interesting thoughts on Reigns. “I’m at the top of my game right now, in my prime and 36 years young, baby. I’m feeling good, and [the] most important part is that I’m as sharp as I ever been [mentally] and that what matters most, baby. So it doesn’t matter if I’m getting title opportunities, and it doesn’t matter if Roman Reigns doesn’t want to show up, if he’s ducking and dodging me, it doesn’t matter. I’m the champion in my heart, I’m the champion in the people’s heart, and I’m just getting started.

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Seth Rollins Vs. Roman Reigns Is WWE Fate

Rollins and Roman Reigns have been linked since making their main roster debut in November 2012. It’s not too difficult to argue that the former members of The Shield have gone on to be some of the industry’s most influential people. Jon Moxley is in AEW and has emerged as that company’s ace, running with the World Championship during CM Punk’s prolonged absences. Reigns unified WWE’s two major men’s titles at WrestleMania 38, while Rollins might be the most consistent professional wrestler in the company. Moxley is long gone at this point, but it only seems like a matter of time before Roman and Seth circle back and writes another chapter in their storied rivalry.

Reigns vs. Seth Rollins could be the kind of feud that defines an entire year for WWE. There are a lot of moving parts, naturally. Reports indicate that a match between The Rock against Roman Reigns is still the company’s hope for WrestleMania 39, and Rollins will still need to contend with Cody Rhodes once he’s healthy and able to work again. Remember, Seth, injured The American Nightmare in storyline, stunting all the momentum he’d built up since re-debuting at WrestleMania 38. The odds seem good that Extreme Rules will be the final fight between Rollins and Riddle, and it’ll be fascinating to see where WWE takes both of those characters next.

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