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Who Could Bray Wyatt Start Feuding With At WWE Extreme Rules?

WWE fans seem confident that Bray Watt will be making his return at Extreme Rules, but no one seems to be discussing who he could feud with upon his arrival. (He’ll likely debut with a new name, but that new moniker isn’t known at this time. For our purposes here, we’ll refer to him as Bray Wyatt.) The White Rabbit teases have been going on for several weeks, with the culmination likely occurring at this weekend’s premium live event. It’s a card that is littered with matches that ought to deliver. There are also several ways Triple H could decide to book this, each with pros and cons.


Looking back at Wyatt’s time as The Fiend, it’d be challenging to characterize the whole run as “good.” The concept of good is subjective, especially in the world of professional wrestling, but the booking and subsequent matches didn’t end up leaving a great impression. This is saying something when considering some of the over-the-top bouts Wyatt found himself working while under the mask. His character work was usually fantastic, but the matches generally fell flat, primarily due to asinine short-term booking choices. Seth Rollins recently made an interesting comment, pointing out that no one who feuded with The Fiend came out on the other end looking better. If anything, the programs sent their characters cratering back to Earth, suddenly needing a re-work. So let’s examine the Extreme Rules card and see where Wyatt will fit in.

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Who Could Feud With Bray Wyatt And Not Lose Momentum?

The Brawling Brutes are set to take on Imperium in a Good Old-Fashioned Donnybrook match. While the feud between Shaemus and Gunther has been stellar, this doesn’t seem like a natural spot for Wyatt to pop up. This all has centered around the Intercontinental Championship, occupying space in the mid-card. It’s been effective, but WWE isn’t bringing Wyatt back to have him wrestle Shaemus or Gunther at 8:50 pm ET on Friday Night SmackDown.

The fit pit match between Rollins and Matt Riddle presents an interesting opening for Wyatt. He’s got a ton of history with The Visionary, and it’d be a natural launching point for a feud. It seems like The Original Bro is going to go over at Extreme Rules, though, meaning that Seth Rollins probably needs to win his next program, especially if there are plans for him to work with Roman Reigns anytime soon. On the flip side, a reality-based former UFC fighter like Riddle probably isn’t an excellent natural opponent for Wyatt here. This is an intriguing but unlikely possibility.

Wyatt breaking in on Karrion Kross Vs. Drew McIntyre feels more likely than the other two options we’ve examined. At this point in his career, McIntyre is Teflon and can work through any angle with any wrestler. But again, Wyatt will likely go over big in his first feud, and WWE would be wise to preserve Drew’s forward motion, even if he loses to Kross as he should at Extreme Rules. That same line of thinking is why Wyatt and Karrion Kross shouldn’t touch for the time being. That could be an entertaining rivalry under the right circumstances, but they aren’t present now. This leaves just one spot left for Wyatt, should WWE be aiming to kick start his first program this weekend.

Edge Vs. Finn Balor Match Is The Perfect Spot For Bray Wyatt’s WWE Return

If WWE wants to payoff the White Rabbit teases appropriately—and that should be the goal here, after whipping fans into a frenzy with several clues over numerous shows—this seems like the spot to do it. The “I Quit” stipulation indicates that this will be the final match between Edge and Judgement Day. The Dominik Mysterio/Rey Mysterio angle isn’t going away anytime soon. Still, by introducing Wyatt here, WWE could pry Edge out of that program and give him something very, very interesting to do.

For several reasons, the Rated R Superstar is a perfect candidate to feud with Wyatt. He’s a WWE Hall of Famer, a seven-time world champion, and one of the most decorated wrestlers in company history. If he never won another match, his legacy would still be intact. He also has experience working with supernatural gimmicks, which is what Bray Wyatt is coming to Extreme Rules with. Think back to Edge’s classic feud with The Undertaker. WWE could try to capture that kind of vibe here. Losing a program with Wyatt wouldn’t hurt Edge, but it’d also make the returning star feel like a big deal. Especially if he somehow gets involved in the “I Quit” match’s outcome at Extreme Rules.

There’s only one chance for Wyatt’s new creation to make a good first impression. Fans still remember The Fiend fondly because of the aura he created. That vibe started during his epic debut and carried on through his electric entrances. At Extreme Rules, Wyatt could make a similar impact, both visually and on the storytelling landscape at large. Edge is the perfect feud for Wyatt if he pops up on October 8.

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