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Creed 3 Trailer Shows Michael B. Jordan Making Sports Movie History


A new Creed 3 trailer reveals Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut making history as the first sports movie to be filmed on IMAX cameras.

A new behind-the-scenes Creed 3 trailer reveals one way the threequel makes sports movie history. The ninth overall installment in the Rocky franchise and the third film in the Creed spinoff series that began in 2015, Creed 3 is a historic movie in many ways, as it is the first film in the long-running boxing franchise not to feature Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, though the actor still serves as a producer. In addition to reprising his role as Adonis, Jordan is also making his directorial debut on Creed 3.


Now, a new behind-the-scenes Creed 3 trailer released by MGM reveals another way the threequel makes movie history. Featuring various clips of Jordan directing behind the scenes while discussing what makes the movie so special, the video reveals that Creed 3 is the first sports film in history to be shot on IMAX cameras. Watch the video below:

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Why Creed 3 Could Be The Best In The Franchise

Creed 3 Jonathan Majors as Damien

Creed 3 becoming the first sports movie to be shot on IMAX cameras is just another way the threequel won’t just be a typical boxing movie, as Jordan says in the BTS video. While Creed 3 is clearly setting itself apart from previous installments, it has an uphill battle ahead of it to become considered the best film in the franchise. The original Rocky movie from 1976, which won Best Picture, is not only considered one of the most iconic sports movies ever made, but one of the greatest films of all time. The 1979 sequel, Rocky II, managed to give the original a run for its money, and the first Creed movie is universally beloved for rebooting the franchise with a deep reverence for the Rocky films.

If Creed III has any chance of becoming the best film in the franchise, it will be on the back of its sympathetic villain. The first Creed 3 trailer shows Donnie reconnecting with a childhood friend and boxing prodigy, Damian Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors), who was recently released from prison and is eager to prove himself in the ring. Despite Donnie’s initial support and mentorship, it soon becomes clear that Damian holds a grudge against him, which eventually escalates into a face-off in the ring. While a few films in the Rocky franchise have featured cartoonish villains, Creed 3 looks to distinguish itself with a more complex and sympathetic opponent for its protagonist.

In addition to its sympathetic villain, Creed 3 also appears to feature a darker story, which is a departure for the more sentimentalist franchise. Between everything that sets Creed 3 apart from past films, such as Rocky’s absence, Jordan making his directorial debut, its utilization of IMAX cameras, its sympathetic villain, and its darker story, the threequel has decided to take the long-running boxing franchise in a different direction. Whether this helps or hurts the sports drama remains to be seen when Creed 3 releases in theaters next year on March 3.

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