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DCU Fan Art Imagines Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi As New Superman


DCU fan art arrives imagining Euphoria star Jacob Elordi as the new Superman, with the hero’s early years being the focus of the next project.

Recent DC Universe fan art is imagining Jacob Elordi as Superman, following news that Henry Cavill will not be returning to the role. Despite his social media post announcing that he would be back after appearing in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, fans of Cavill and his portrayal of the superhero received a disappointing update recently when James Gunn confirmed that the actor would not be reprising his role in the next Superman project. Theories surrounding who could take over the part moving forward have already begun circulating, and Elordi is one name that has been coming up often. Known for his work in The Kissing Booth and HBO’s Euphoria, Elordi has been getting more mainstream recognition, and is currently set to star as Elvis Presley is Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film, Priscilla.


Now, as fans continue to campaign for their ideal Superman castings, one artist with the username, Clements.Ink, is sharing what Elordi could look like in the role. Posted to Instagram, the image sees the actor donning the hero’s iconic cape, and a suit that resembles some past depictions. The comment section is understandably divisive, as many are still upset over the decision regarding Cavill or have different choices in mind for the part, but there are others who like Elordi. Check out the Superman fan art below:

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Why The DCU Is Recasting Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Cavill’s Superman has amassed a large fanbase since 2013’s Man of Steel, but the character has only been featured in a handful of subsequent projects and was last seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League before appearing in Black Adam this year. With Gunn and Peter Safran having been made co-chairs of DC Studios, many were wondering about the actor’s status, especially after his latest cameo and departure from Netflix’s The Witcher. Gunn recently revealed that Cavill would not be playing Superman in the next film though, sharing that the story will be centered around a younger version of the hero. Cavill took to social media to inform his fans of the decision as well, noting that Gunn and Safran are rebuilding the DC Universe.

Following previous reports that a Man of Steel sequel was in development, many fans of the DCU were excited about the possibility of seeing Cavill reprise his role in a solo film. However, as news surrounding the potential future of the franchise started to come out, it was revealed that the project would not be happening after all. Gunn responded to fans’ comments online regarding the next appearance of the popular hero in the DCU, sharing that Superman has taken some precedence. While Cavill’s exit came as a shock to many, the decision allows Gunn and Safran to completely reboot DC content, and by starting off fresh, they may be able to establish a more consistent shared universe across film and television.

It will be interesting to see who takes on the role of Clark Kent/Superman next, and how observing the character’s earlier years impacts his story in the DCU moving forward. Though Elordi’s name continues to come up in discussion, other actors being pushed by fans include David Corenswet and Austin Butler. It is worth wondering how Superman’s success will be affected by all the ongoing complaints over Cavill’s departure, but perhaps the right casting will get fans to support it, as well as the rest of the DCU.

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